Ad control?

I just got an ad pop up for some scantily clad women titled “1000 sexy Asian girls”.

Any way to make the ads a bit more PG-13?

Stop visiting porn sites.

Or install an Ad-Blocker.

Or pay-to-play

Or do all three.

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It was on my cell/smart phone. No porn. Never tried installing an ad blocker on my phone – never really needed it before…

If you got a pop-up, I don’t think it was from this site. Discourse has only inline ads at the top and bottom of the page. The ads are plain-vanilla Google DoubleClick for Publishers | Small Business.

I didn’t mean a literal pop up ad. I meant that an ad came up on the banner bar, just below “Food Talk Central”. I saw that ad twice that day but haven’t seen it since.

If you see such ads again let me know and I’ll look into it. I don’t think Google DCP is supposed to show adult ads for mainstream businesses.

I will. I’m wondering if it snuck under the radar (so to speak), and they removed it from their ad rotation once they realized it.