Adam Perry Lang pop up

Ns1’s parking pro-tip, don’t say Ns1 never did anything for y’all

  • Park at hollywood & highland complex
  • Walk across street to go to Jimmy Kimmel
  • Within 2 hours, go back to Hollywood & Highland and go to “Discover LA” office on 2nd floor, near Starline tours entrance (ask if you need assistance)
  • Ask for parking validation. If they ask where you went, say you went to Jinya and they don’t have a validation machine yet
  • Pay your $2 to park for 2 hours in Hollywood

@JLee if they’re doing sliced short rib how is there a bone in there?

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Or you can get dessert at Beard Papa and get a validation.

Beard Papa closed down around end of Sept.


replaced by a freakin’ make-up store out of all things. But that Beard Papa’s was desolate all the time, so it had to go.

He gave some of us the bone especially if we waited a while.


Kenji’s comment about Jitlada was interesting

thank you!

I will note this when I go next week.

Fixed this for you.
Or you can get dessert at Grom and get a validation.

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oooooooooo, I forgot that Grom was in the area!

Holy crap. I think I’ll hit Hollywood early morning and maybe do a small crawl of the area, before and after tossing some bbq down my trap.

Question: For someone who’s been is this more of a snack or a meal?

Is there anything else noteworthy in the general area, food-wise?

Maybe something before and something after this event?

Unless your attending or involved in the premieres (Star Wars etc), area is going to be a disaster to get around next few days

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Pretty sure first photo was mine from IG.

I swung by today and enjoyed it. In line at 11:15 with food served at about 11:45. Adam was very friendly, chatting up the line and giving out samples.

The beef rib was terrific, particularly the amazing charred outer portions that he sliced off and placed in the boxed lunches. The prime rib was alright but fairly nondescript and lacking any real smokiness.

$30 included tax and a bottle water, putting the real price somewhere around $25, which doesn’t seem too outlandish. He mentioned potential plans to open a brick and mortar somewhere in Hollywood, which would be a great addition to the BBQ landscape.


Holy crap! What a day today.

Called in a sick day.

Went to the APL pop-up solo and enjoyed it immensely! Standing there while the scimitar and bbq bathed me in smoke and fat. Ridiculously good food and some fantastic people running it. About a 30 min wait. Totally worth it.

Then I headed over to Ricky’s Fish Tacos for a second lunch. Ate 2 shrimp and 1 fish taco. Nice and briny fresh ocean flavor, with a nice crisp crust and a touch of heat from the jalapenos in the slaw.

On the way back home I had to stop for dessert at GCM. Dessert was in the form of a Belcampo cheeseburger, mid-rare, 1 carnitas taco from Villa Moreliana, some cheese nibbles at DTLA Cheese, and then topped it off with some cardamom and ginger snap ice cream at McConnel’s.

I’m stuffed, but very happy and content.


wow, that’s quite the bang^3

You just out banged @kevin.

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more like bang^6

Damn it!

And I just realized I drove right past Desano’s Bakery yesterday without knowing it! I probably could have fit a pizza in somewhere…or would have at least tried.