Adam Perry Lang Was Jeffrey Epstein’s Chef

Hey Matthew Kang, why are you not picking up nor following up on this LA-centric story your own company broke in Sept 2019?

How is APL in business let alone backed by 2 major celebrities?

What do you think FTC’ers? Can you support this chef and his business moving forward?

This Daily Beast article is horrifying
on so many levels. Decide for yourselves.

-Lang worked for Epstein from 1999 to 2003. After his career took off, he mentioned working for a private client in media interviews. He also discussed working on a New Mexico ranch. He did not, however, refer to Epstein by name.

-“I really hit the jackpot,” Lang wrote in 2009’s Serious Barbecue , according to the Broken: Seeking Justice podcast. “I became a private chef, a job that took me all over the world and to that sprawling ranch in New Mexico.”

-Epstein insisted Lang memorize the names and food preferences of his high-powered guests. “Several young women who we’ve talked to remember Lang, too,” Palmeri said in the episode. “He had a presence in the house. All said he was very polite.”

-Lang sneaked pizza to her (Giuffre) after Epstein—who controlled the diets of women he abused to keep them prepubescent-thin—fell asleep upstairs.

-He would have the pizza waiting for me already in the kitchen,” Giuffre recalled. “I’d jump up on the bench. We’d open a beer, which is another thing we weren’t allowed to drink, but we would have a beer together and eat pizza and just talk.”

. It pains me that I cannot provide the confirmation that you seek here, but I cannot attest to what I did not witness or cannot recall. That said, I want to be clear that I never saw sexual activity or nudity and was never aware of underage girls. I was never told of nor saw any of the depraved acts committed by Epstein and his friends. I primarily spent my time in the kitchen. Any account other than this is emphatically untrue.”