Adams Coffee Shop (West Adams): A Pictorial Essay

Quite unceremoniously, Chef Daniel Patterson’s Adams Coffee Shop opened for business in the West Adams district last week. It was pure serendipity that I stopped by, as I was simply taking Adams Boulevard as an alternate to the (perpetually?) jammed 10-Freeway that day, when I happened to spot its facade.

Inside, the vibe is casual mid-century, with a dash of Mid-City. A turntable spins Stan Getz on vinyl, while a long communal table dominates the dining space. Bookshelves and a comfy sofa invite customers to put down the phones and return to the turning of paper pages. On the wall, the menu is spelled out in ol’ skool-style block letters, with some vowels quixotically missing (where’s Vanna when we need her?). Behind the display counter, an assortment of sandwiches, baked goods, quiche, and a tempting looking tart beckon.

Adams Coffee Shop, and its about-to-debut sister restaurant Alma, represent the newest project for Chef Daniel Patterson. Fresh off his collaboration with Chef Roy Choi at their former Watts restaurant Locol, Chef Patterson has teamed up with Chef Keith Corbin to offer the area fine casual, soulful food at Adams Coffee Shop, and Alma right next door. While Alma is still undergoing last minute construction touch-ups, the coffee house was ready for customers. And again, as my good luck would have it, Chef Roy Choi himself was standing in line with me for some chow. Always affable, Chef Choi randomly stopped by to say Hi, wish everyone success, and to grab an espresso!

My usual crappy selfie skills were in full effect that day:

Freshly squeezed OJ & grilled meatloaf sandwich, with Monterey Jack and mushrooms: The OJ was really fresh - An ode to California’s orchards. As for the sandwich, it was certainly one of the densest sandwiches I’ve yet tried. Picking it up, the thing feels like a brick. But man oh man, once I bit into it, the physical heaviness made sense. The meatloaf is straight up delicious enough on its own, but the press-grilled bread, cheese and mushroom transform it into a sort of Sunday night Cubano. Marvelous.

Seasonal veggie stew over red beans and rice: Baby potatoes, onion, squash, tomato, pimiento, and several different beans all combine over rice for a hearty bowl which I thoroughly enjoyed, but could not finish (the portions are quite generous at here).

Milk tart & a cortado… A sweet note to cap a solid first visit to Adams Coffee Shop!

The all-gender restrooms, located in adjacent Alma restaurant, are new and ready to go!

I eagerly look forward to the opening of Alma. Until then, Adams Coffee Shop for sure gives all of us yet another reason to bypass the 10-Freeway! That, and the promise of a cold fried chicken salad sandwich soon to be on the menu (!!!). The future looks glorious.


Adams Coffee Shop
5359 W. Adams Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90016


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