Advertising on this site

I think I’ll add a discreet Google AdWords banner to the top or side to maybe make the site pay for itself.

You can see what I’m talking about on Robert Lauriston's Web site if you don’t have an ad blocker plug-in or disable it.

I never see those ads myself since I use AdBlock.

I don’t have any idea who wrote this . It wasn’t me . Is someone using my name ? Emglow101

Discourse has an “Impersonate” feature admins can use to troubleshoot users’ problems.

I used that to investigate your email address privacy question and didn’t realize it was still on.

I’m changing ownership of those posts to myself.

No problem Robert . I was like WTF .

ok to adword. not ok to pay for this domain hosting on your own.

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(typing because I need 20 characters)


Is there a fucking way to also rid ourselves of this 20 character problem ???

For instance set it at around one character or more ???

Just sayin if you get what I’m sayin and that ain’t no fucking joke.


Good suggestion, minimum post length is now 1, so a post such as “?” or “!” is valid.


Agreed. Robert, I’ve always been willing to pay ‘something’ for CH. Now I’d especially be willing to for you.

I enabled AdSense through Google DFP. Discourse has three default GDFP options (above topic list, above first post of a topic, blow last post) so I just enabled those.

I turned off AdBlock and am now seeing blank “ADVERTISEMENT” spaces in those locations, but no actual ads. Maybe they take a while to populate.

OK, that was just latency, I’m starting to see ads. I wonder if over time they’ll become more related to the content? I guess I’ll leave AdBlock off for this site so I can see if and how they do that.

The size and placement of the ads reflects the Discourse developers’ experience with Stack Exchange.

OK, now the ads are mostly targeted. It’s amazing how fast and easy Discourse makes this stuff.

It creeps me out that the ads I see reflect things Google knows about me from GMail. I’m also seeing an Amazon ad for something I searched for on there earlier today.

I suppose there are probably some settings I can enable somewhere to stop that or a browser plug-in I can install.

I suppose that’s been happening all the time for years and I’m not usually aware of it because I use AdBlock.

Robert , Google knows everything about you . Anytime you google any shit they keep your information . Their not the cheery company they pretend to be . They make billions by selling information about you and other people to other web sites . It is creepy . Probably already know that .

Google doesn’t sell the information directly. They sell it indirectly by selling ads targeted using the information they collect and collate.

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You’re seeing ads here? I run Ad Block Plus and the only thing I see is the top of the page is the word “advertisement.”

I disabled AdBlock on this site.

That’s funny cause I see no ads.

If you disable AdBlock you might have to refresh.