Aestus! Charcuterie

Went last night and had an excellent charcuterie! There was duck pate with pistachios in it, a pork rillette, white boudin, smoked ham and sliced speck. They were all fantastic. Every one was so well seasoned. Nothing was too ‘smokey’ or salty. The pork rillette and duck pate were our favs and the speck which was lightly sprinkled with cumin which was so good. Delicious market salad with shaved beets, radishes, etc and the grilled chicken. The chicken could have gotten a little darker for my preference but it wasn’t really my dish so I didn’t pay it much attention. That charcuterie though - good stuff. And great bartender. Super fun to let him make you a drink. He asks what you like and stirred up a couple of new and perfect cocktails! We sat at bar and it never got super busy, maybe because they’re not doing a DineLA thing.Such a great space. Definitely will be going back.


how much for that board?

Should have mentioned that - $22 - I thought very reasonable for the amount and quality.


sounds like a great deal

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This was (and apparently still is) a great charcuterie board! I’m pleasantly surprised they kept it on after chef Alex Agneau left, as I believe he was the one making all the charcuterie himself in-house. Must have trained his folks in it before he left. The boudin blanc was something that I haven’t found on many charcuterie boards around town.


what is that in between the olives?

And you’re right, I don’t think i’ve ever seen boudin blanc in LA.

House cured duck prosciutto.

I have been impressed with the place/new chef, more so than I was when it first opened, when I had a spotty meal. Two visits recently have been stellar.

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