Affordable Omakase for a beginner?

Heading to LA in a few months, and I’ve heard a lot of of great things about the sushi here. I’m very new to omakase, and have only had it once (Kanoyama in New York). Because of my limited experience, I’m looking for a cheaper place for beginners, preferably under or around $40. I won’t be eating at the bar (traveling with 2 others that aren’t super big fans of sushi), so I need a place that serves omakase platters and also has cooked dishes like unagi don or teriyaki. I’ve researched a few places already, and I’d love info/feedback on those places and prices if ya know em.

Kanpachi-I believe $35?


Sushi Go 55 (I’ve heard it was around $50?)

Sushi Enya

Hama Sushi

Sen Nari

Narrowed it down to Kanpachi, Shunji Lunch, or Nozomi.

Also any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

If you are on a strict budget like that there is nothing wrong with ordering off a menu. My recommendation would be to go someplace like Hide Sushi (cash only) on sawtelle. Good bang for your sushi dollar. Avoid Sushi Spot.

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Just don’t want to spend as much because I am new to the whole thing-probably wouldn’t be worth it to spend a lot of money on my 2nd time.

I’m definitely not one of the sushi connoisseurs on the board, but the rec I got when I asked a similar question was to perhaps try one of Sushi Tsujita lunch specials (nigiri bowls), which are around $40. I think Kiriko also has lunch specials for $40. Haven’t tried either myself yet.

Sushi Spot is disgusting and foul.


Hi @NitWit,

Welcome to LA! :slight_smile:

I’d second @paranoidgarliclover’s suggestion. IIRC, Shunji (one of the best in town), as a Lunch Special Omakase… I think it’s like $30 or $40 and you get a selection of sushi and some sashimi.

Paging @theoffalo @CiaoBob @J_L @Porthos to confirm. :slightly_smiling:

Really omakase is best when you can sit at the bar, know what you like or don’t -and the sushi chef knows you (ie become a regular customer at a place) so they can tailor the meal to your taste. When you are learning, my recommendation is to order a wide variety off of the menu and ask if they have anything not listed/special… My view is perhaps more old fashioned but then I don’t think you are really getting an omakase at that price point it is really more of prix fixe menu


Great thanks!

Thanks Chowseeker!

Ive been to kanpachi many times its a great spot for omakase its all local japanese ppl who probably work for the toyota hq. Grat bang for your buck and very good fish.

you should definitely sit at the bar if possible.

Sushi gen in little tokyo also has both good sushi and sashimi lunch specials


Do you think they will allow our party of 3 at the bar if we go at a relatively early/late time when there are not too many customers? My sister usually orders a few a la carte pieces and my mom a donburi. Definitely checking out sushi gen for their sashimi lunch.

Yeah the probably will. They don’t speak english very well, so if you politely ask and they’re not busy I’m sure it’ll be ok as long as the others order some type of sushi.

The omakase is pretty standard there every time, so ask the chef what other fish he has he usually has some pretty exotic stuff.

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Can’t believe I am saying this but just do the trust me plus at Sugar Fish.


Nozomi is far, far better omakase dinner than Kanpachi. Salarymen (I worked for one) != foodie, Japanese or otherwise.

I get it, Kanpanchi has affordable chirashi at lunch. I’ve eaten it more times than I care to count. But omakase, there? You might as well as go to Nori, wherever the hell that is.

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+1 on Nozomi. Just make sure to sit at the bar. Table vs bar made 180 degrees in difference between my two visits.

Not that it does me any good to linger in the past, but the OPD’s inquiry makes me long for the days of Azami. I would go almost weekly and Niki would hit the ball out of the park with her omakase at an almost too reasonable price point. Sigh.

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Do you guys know the price and quantity? Thanks

Here’s a screen shot from the sushi menu they currently have online.



I don’t think there is any omakase for $40-60.

Plenty of affordable sushi and chirashi bowls in that range. I’m told the Tsujita chirashi bowl for lunch is a steal and great quality.

I’ll second Kiriko and also add Echigo as a very good value.

Does Shunji still offer a lunch menu/special? I recall Petercc/theoffalo posting on this back on CH.