African Chop Truck is nothing short of phenomenal

Though I can only vouch for the Suya combo, i’m on cloud 9

i dont think ive ever had jolof rice this good

here’s a very old article i found about it


Thanks for the link! I’ll try to go tonight.

Bravo - True Chowhounding. Don’t wait for LAMag and LATimes to “discover” it.


That Eater post is from February.

Nobody dropped it here. I just found the truck today and thought that the article gave way better info that i could


Ah, OK, not clear from your post.

Oh come on it’s not thaaat old :slight_smile:


Post Osteria Mozza bang in the name of research:

This place is, as promised by @Nemroz, phenomenal indeed. I’ll have to go back to try their beef and chicken combo. For $13, it’s a steal.

Fish combo…big portion for $13

Wild mackerel

This meaty fish ain’t gonna win any McChelin * but it’s still surprisingly good and decently moist.

The jollof rice is the highlight for me. It’s incredibly fragrant with depth of flavor that I rarely get even with rice that’s cooked with chicken stock. On the other hand, beware of their hot “Cameroon pepper” sauce. It’s so spicy that it can be akin to a nuclear bomb…so use them sparingly if you want to enjoy the complex flavor of the rice.

Some flavorful sauteed spinach to cool off my tongue!

The accompanying fried plantain is the only miss of the night. Their crust is no longer crunchy and the inside is still quite dry and starchy. Are they not fried enough or have they been sitting for too long?

After touring Italy and Africa, it’s 'Murica’s turn. It’s also a chance to cool off my burning tongue.

Sample of their chocolate birthday cake. It’s sickeningly sweet. Christina, are you diabetic yet?

Compost Cookie and Cereal Milk Twist
The compost cookie flavor is so salty that it overwhelmed everything. It’s basically a very monotonic salty sweet flavor. Not much of a fan here.


i think what’s happening here is that the chef is sticking to his guns on not using a lot of oil and lard in his cooking… he’s intentionally staying away from lipids, processed ingredients to make healthier stuff… so it’s just not fried in enough fat… plantain will always come out dry like that. i myself would be fine with more oil lol… looking forward to their return to our block this week.


Awesome option in the Miracle Mile area. My next trip, I’m sticking to the wild mackerel and asking for extra jolof.


Rice is star of the show here. Sublime.


this was today? i was planning to go tomorrow, their usual day here.

That looks like a solid meal! Other than certain Mexican trucks this is one truck I am interested in!

Not too many non-Mexican food trucks look exciting to me

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i just had their vegan setup last time and rice and beans were so nice.

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Yeah, noticed it was on Wed this week instead of Thurs on their IG.

i have no food plan… this is problem

Just got the spicy beef, this was really good. Can’t wait to eat more of their food… really interesting flavors here.


We really need a Mid-City thread. I totally missed this and only found it while searching for a recipe I thought I saw on FTC. Looks great!

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They are open for pre-orders! $50 minimum, and though i am a house of two, it’s really tempting.

African Chop Truck post on IG

Their website

saw yesterday also… im a big fan but not sure what i’d do with trays of food