Agave Uptown - Oakland

Last night I was startled to drive past what has been a construction site for a while and see a big restaurant full of people. First I’d heard of the place.

Menu doesn’t really read all that Oaxacan.

Something’s wrong with, I check the Inside Scoop section several times a week and never saw this:

Same here— I don’t remember seeing it either. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that they’ve been pinning articles to the top, so other articles get missed if you don’t scroll down.

There are a few oaxacan specialties in the menu. Is something about the ingredients not quite right? It’s good to see they’ll be using quesillo (Oaxacan string cheese) on their tlayuda— they use queso fresco on the tlayuda in their Sonoma restaurant (for that reason or others, I didn’t like their version).

There are a few Oaxacan dishes on the menu, but if a place claims to be Oaxacan, I’d expect more.

I do scroll down on SF Gate, but stop when I get to the point where there are only posts I’ve read already.