Aged Tawny Ports See Sales Surge

from the drinks business: Aged Tawny Port Sees €10 Million Sales Surge (At today’s exchange rate, €10 Million = $11.4 Million)

“The market has grown by €10.8m, but in volume, it is only 15,000 cases more, so it is all at the top end,” Paul Symington stated . . . .

He also told db that the Symington family were increasing stock levels of tawny Port in expectation of a continuation in the current demand trend: “We are putting aside millions of euros worth of wines,” he commented.

Admitting that aged tawny is presently about 20% of the Symington family’s turnover, in 5-10 years, he said that “it might be worth one third of our business… we have bullish forecasts.”

Summing up, he explained, “We have identified two major growth areas for our business: one is Douro DOC [wines] and the other is old tawnies.” (Article continues at length.)