Agora World Market and Cafe

Even though this is place a block and a half from me, I have yet to try it. It takes the place of Sainsbury Market on Wilshire and Amherst (south side) in West LA/Brentwood; you’ll easily spot it b/c of the very Easter-y patio they’ve set up in the (large) parking lot.

The place seems to have at least a few people eating outside on a consistent basis, so I walked by a few nights ago. Looks like a small grocery store w/ a deli case? Chalkboard menu also lists a few specials. Yelp review states that they have “simit” and “sucuk.” These were new terms to me, and an internet search indicates that the foods are Turkish/Central Asian. So it seems that maybe this is a Turkish store?

Just an PSA.

My mom was just telling me about this place, I guess they put some tables out front? She is right on Amherst not to far away. Might be worth checking out. If you try it, let me know what you think

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It is a Turkish store. I’m hoping to try it out soon.

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