Ahgassi Gopchang KBBQ

So, we normally don’t go out for BBQ when we do Korean, usually it’s some other specialty like dumplings or kalguksu or pork neck soup, or soon dubu, or neng myun, or gigae, or whatever soban serves :slight_smile:
Mainly because we started out with KBBQ long time ago and it sort of leads to a glorious rabbit hole. This time we really were kind of craving beef since we don’t eat it very often. sooo we got the small beef combo (which is 3 beef dishes with some choice and a stew (we opted for tofu))

Well, friends, this place is now our favorite. Everything we tried here is done really well and we didn’t even get into the funk of things (they specialize in intestine dishes).

Tough to find the entrance if you don’t park in their lot. Cute signage

table is already set up with a select few banchan, sauces you’re going to need, cold broth for palate cleansing (i assume)… beer…

steamed egg shows up… the tofu stew … shaved brisquet comes next which is cooked here with bean sprouts … they insist on cooking here, which is fine, just don’t neglect my grill or i’m taking charge (did do so a couple of times). very solid and familiar brisquet…

The ventilation is amazing here… the shoot lowers and raises like a periscope to desired height

mixed tofu is really wonderful here… light and flavorful

opted for marinated off the bone short rib and it did not disappoint!

full char, quite med rare inside

lastly went with skirt steak which i’ve never seen come on the bone… tongue was the other option, but coming from a tongue eating culture, dont really care for shaved tongue

money-shot on shiso leaf

all meats are dipped in the sweet soy which comes with onions presoaking, to which you add scallions and garlic… a few pieces of charcoal are added to the gas which gives a little but enough smokiness.

obviously have to get some sweets at Sul and Beans after


Yum! It’s under the same ownership as Kang Hodong, so definitely a notch up from most places. Didn’t get any BBQ this weekend so might have to get my KBBQ fix now…thanks! :slight_smile:

Rough price for the food? May try it in the next few wks…

What’s that dessert??

oh nice! i’ve had that bookmarked forever now

That was enough food for 3.5 people I think and came out to 90 with 2 large beers. I’ve seen worse prices.

I would think President Mochi would recognize the korean version of mochi…

Injeolmi shaved ice

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KE did a full write up if y’all want more pics


The gyeran jjim was also a standout, fluffy to the bite, but with a particularly deep, savory quality to it.

Dang… considering i have a lot of craft beers too i’m not curious what this corkage policy is.

Went there last year. The beverage of choice for that evening that kicked ass, was their red vinegar soju. Chased down their specialties (the intestines) just fine and dandy with it.


Finally tried it! Very good. Makes perfect sense that it’s under the same ownership. There were a lot of parallels.

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Great time at Kang Hodong last night with a group of homies. So busy, so smoky, so loud and fun. Exactly what I wanted. It’s pricier and pricier but it makes sense since they’re so busy and still a good value.

Makgeoli is awesome