Ahgoo Is Gone

While it was previously reported that Ahgoo Kitchen in El Monte had been sold, it is in fact gone, with a new name, Tasty Dumpling Kitchen, and an attractive new menu (they still offer a beef noodle soup). The new name, Tasty Dumpling Kitchen, is a puzzler, though. Not because it’s too similar to other Tasty places that serve dumplings, but because there are hardly any dumplings on the menu. In fact, there are only two types–pork and celery and three ingredients, although you do get your choice of steamed or boiled dumplings as to the latter. (That’s two fewer dumpling varieties than Ahgoo had.) They do have a couple of my seldom seen favorites on their menu, stir fried pancake strips and shepherd’s purse fish soup.

Tasty Dumpling Kitchen is in the shopping center at 10053 E. Valley Blvd.


Well, to be fair to them.

It is “Tasty Dumpling Kitchen” and not “Many Dumpling Kitchen”