Al pastor meat

anywhere to buy the meat (pork shoulder) already sliced?

Assuming uncooked?

Most Mexican butchers (Carniceria) should carry - i.e Vallarta market, El Camaguey, Sanchez meat etc.

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Haven’t been in a while but Sanchez on Inglewood in Del Rey/Mar Vista/Culver City always had it.

great! Thank you. btw, I meant raw? Have either of you made it?

Yes raw - no I haven’t made al pastor. I’ve tried grilling quickly but it’s no resemblance to al pastor.

Forgot to ask is the meat already seasoned? I don’t have a spit, so it won’t be authentic al pastor. Found these two links on Reddit.

After you click the above link, click on the blue link (title) to see the gif in action. I won’t use those spices, but I think the layering is interesting.

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It is seasoned but it is much lighter than that recipe. Good hack by the way… America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s County has an alternative method too. I tried it and it was pretty good, but it was kinda time consuming and still not quite like the real thing. Driving to Venice and LA Brea would be much easier.

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Wonder if Leos would sell their al pastor meat by the pound – cooked and carved, I’d think; I can’t figure how they’d sell raw, marinated meat off of the loaf to be cooked at home…

Based on this thread, I did some googling and SeriousEats has a pretty good looking Al Pastor recipe for home use, ie non-trompo


I buy our al pastor from the local Northgate store. It works very well for us, but you can always amp it up with more pineapple and chiles if that’s more your style.

serious eats is always my first stop when looking for a recipe for anything.
believe in kenji.


Thank you. When I get a grill again I will use this!

how do you cook it?

@Luluthemagnificent Just in a hot skillet with oil. It’s marinated and cut up already…no need for the rotating heated machine.

it’s all about that hot fire broiling… fatty meat… partially singed yet still juicy… it’s really tough to replicate without that super hot heat source and rotation

@Nemroz While you’re right, since I can’t replicate that at home…I just make do with the tools I’ve got. Still tastes good even though it’s not technically perfect.

Yea it’s cool. Do what you can.


try Rancho Meat Market on North Broadway, next to king taco in Lincoln Heights. They have terrific al pastor and carne asada. Easy parking too.

Look for recipes for adobada pork and carne adobada.

Why? Is it like al pastor?