Aldewaniah Resto. - Arabic Cuisine - Anyone been?

Aldewaniah Restaurant. Sketchy part of town, has anyone been?

joe’s pizza.

yeah it’s definitely south of dtla, my stomping grounds.

hmmmmm, haven’t even heard of it.

is it open yet ??? or moving into the space ???

I think it’s up and running.

They have kabsa, which is one of my absolute favorite dishes from any cuisine. Theirs looks a bit plainer and more basic (just from photos, which of course can be deceiving) than the ones I’ve enjoyed best.

My favorites are in Anaheim, El Mahroosa (kabsa every day, and great daily specials. Great koushari too) and the daily specials at Olive Tree (the best kabsa, but only Weds and Sat, great specials most other days too.) whatever that’s worth to anyone.

If I lived anywhere near there, I’d check it out. I’ve learned from years on CH and now here that not everyone shares my passion for great lamb and rice dishes from around the world, but if that’s something you like or sounds good to you, Arabic food is truly delicious.

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I’ve ordered delivery from there a few times. The food is generally good. The rice dishes are full of flavor. The delivery has been shaky but seems to be improving.

Thanks Eater15 & Alkiegourmand for the feedback. Always game for good rice and lamb dishes.