Alex, I'll take, "Name That LA Blogger" for $400

Repetitive ???

Curiously that ain’t no fucking joke.

Sure. Sounds like someone I might just know.


I think my favorite part of the review is the “breadcrumbs giving up” something. It sounds like they were quite sad to part with that “crunchiness” but did it for the good of the dish.

Or kevinhops…

Yes, I assumed he had to be a business-type person to afford the meals! I have no idea if they’re comped now, but I doubt they started that way.

I don’t go out of my way to read his blog (and don’t think I’ve read it in at least a couple of months), but I find it “fine.” He likes to eat, and he likes to write about on his blog. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a win-win for everyone, IMHO. Now, if he were asking us to give him $20,000 so that he could eat throughout China, that might be a different story… But I digress. :wink:


You don’t get if you don’t ask.

I’d like 20 fucking large to grub in China …


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Get a kickstarter going. Who knows what could happen.

What the fuck is a kick starter ??? Like a moped ???


On-line campaign to raise $ for a project (AFAIK).

I will kickstart Kevin’s Fucking Chinese Grub Experience, paid after appropriate receipts from the Middle Kingdom are supplied.


What the fuck is the Middle Kingdom ???

Sadly, I probably dont’ even wanna know.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

KFCGE, sounds fucking dope, no fucking joke.

I used to think you were one and the same. Until I actually read one of his posts instead of skimming the pictures.

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The Kevin (not KevinEats) drinking game is even more fun:

You must drink every time he uses the term “fucking”
You must drink every time he uses the term “aint”
You must drink every time “aint” and “no fucking joke” are in the same line
You must drink every time Dan Tana’s is mentioned
You must drink every time the term “joint” is used
You must drink every time a summary of a meal concludes with a decadent desert
You must drink every time a description of a meal consumed includes eating at more than one fucking joint over the course of the same meal

Guaranteed to get everyone FUCKING smashed!


I can neither endorse nor condone this drinking game.

But carry on.

I think you meant fucking drinking game and carry the fuck on?

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We ain’t one and the same. He’s a more preeminent, esteemed, erudite hound with a scholarly grasp of the gastronomic arts and oenology.

And I believe that he does not have a preliction for a certain jovial fucking piece of verbiage in the utter vernacular.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

and that aint no fucking joke!

you guys are a bunch of meangirls.

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How is it mean if I am directing comments to Kevin and he is directing them to himself?

You must drink every time he uses the term “dope”