Alex, I'll take, "Name That LA Blogger" for $400

I know this is probably not too difficult but it is fun, the blogger is describing the beef tartare at a new LA restaurant: “The tartar was one of the more beef-forward preparations I’ve had, with the springy, supple steak well conveyed, augmented by the presence of egg yolk while breadcrumbs gave up a much appreciated crunchiness.”

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They must be young because they still have the ‘fill the page’ college essay mentality.

Also, how could TarTare NOT be Beef Forward?!


Very well conveyed, Dommy.



Who is KevinEats?


!!Daily Double Double!!

At Esters, he found the corn nuts to be, “a corn-forward presentation that conveyed that classic CornNuts flavor profile.”


You know, I appreciate this blogger b/c he eats (all the time) at places I can’t (and won’t be able to ever) afford; it’s nice to live vicariously. And, as much as you can tell from a blog, he seems like a nice enough guy.

But sometimes the language is… difficult… and distinctive.


I agree 100% - his is a very restaurant-forward restaurant blog. It gives me many good ideas where I may want to go or care to avoid. I just can’t help trying to help some of the redundant redundancies.


What the fuck is this fucking forward shit about ???

Am I missing something here ???

As in I really like a reverse beef tartare ???


It is what it is

You are missing nothing, I think. None of us are quite sure how beef tartare could or would be anything other than… beefy.

@CiaoBob: is that a joke? :frowning: Maybe he works in an industry where they used “-forward” a lot?

CiaoBob, LOL! That corn nuts quote is classic! :laughing:

Seriously I can’t really read KevinEats too much… it’s too pretentious for my tastes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also it’s clear he reviews a lot of places where he gets free meals or press/invite-only events, so it’s hard to take his glowing reviews too seriously as well.

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The breadth, volume and selections of beer is, perhaps, even more amazing than more than the formidable number of restaurants,and dishes he gets to.
I think it should be called kevinburps.


LOL!! Honesty, I had no idea (and am recovering from college intern time) I didn’t read many blogs (none now) but am familiar with his. Lovely photos, but many times I’ve been fooled by lovely photos and gotten a really gross but BEAUTIFUL Tartare.


KevinEats not too be confused with kevin for fucking crying out loud.


I’ve made a drinking game from kevineats’ reviews:

You must drink every time he uses the phrase “on point”.
You must drink every time he uses the phrase “flavor profile”.
You must drink every time he describes a taste “playing off/against” one another.
Everyone must drink if he gives a positive review to an eatery.

Guaranteed to get everybody “properly smashed”…


He’s a friend of a friend. From the few times I’ve talked to him, he seems like a nice guy; working in the finance sector, I believe. But his writing can be a bit repetitive at times (heck, I think we’re all guilty of that every now and then).

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Glad we got that fucking straightened out .

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