Alexander's Steakhouse, Pasadena

This is an inquiry, not a report. I met a friend for a snack at CPK in Pasadena. We were sitting at the bar and the bartender was touting us on their ribeye (which we did not have), claiming it was the same steak served for much more at nearby Alexander’s Steakhouse. We thought it was just bartender b.s., but as we left we looked at the posted menu at Alexander’s (the old McCormick and Schmick space). Holy crap, these are some serious steak prices. Worthy of a Cut or something. Here’s the menu. Alexander's Steakhouse - Alexander's Steakhouse
Has anyone been? Thoughts?
A so-called “omakase” menu! i don’t think this was posted, but there was a $175 tasting menu.
And sit down before you click on the carte de vins. They must have had fun coming up with those prices (and that’s before you get to the DRC). Still, I question whether they have all these bottles in Pasadena.

I enjoyed many of their non-steak items.

On reflection, I feel even more self-righteous about my initial impression.

Did you have wine? (See prior edited comment.)

No, just a few cocktails.

The wine list, like the food menu, is big on flash. Pretty sure that most of the bottles listed are on premises, as their wine cooler area is rather large.

That’s a lot of major bottles. Let me know when they have their going out of business sale.
I was surprised there was no Silver Oak. Too obvious?

I think the original SF location has an even larger selection.

Bury me there. But first have your funeral there so I can drink to you.