Alforon - chicken tawook flatbread

For a little over $10, is there a better dish than the Chicken Tawook Flatbread at Alforon?

The chicken, marinated just right, is not only flavorful but juicy without being mushy. That famed garlic sauce (or paste) lives up to the hype. It is indeed magnificent. It reminds me of someone spiking aïoli with the tang of yogurt. Could easily eat this by the spoonful.

If you order the chicken tawook flatbread with (kefir) cheese and jalapenos - and you should - the kitchen is kind enough to break out the tweezers and give you just one dollop of cheese on each slice, and then garnishing each of those dollops with a bit of jalapeno. It not only looks Instagram-worthy but allows you to spread the cheese selectively as you work through each of the slices.

Oh, and did I mention the flatbread is not too shabby either? It’s light, not too fluffy, and provides a nice chew.

5965 El Cajon Blvd

Sounds great, thanks!