Alimama tea (Mochi donuts) - Chinatown

Mochi donut spot in Chinatown. & refreshing Yuzu lemonade beverage. Very instagrammable f&b


I love alimama! Their cornflake mochi donut is my favorite. The boba cream puff and vanilla cream puffs are pretty good too! Also the royal milk tea munchkins are super yummy, especially when you catch them fresh. All of their goods are definitely best consumed right away or within a few hrs for max mochi enjoyment :slight_smile:

:smile: Alimama is totally right up your alley! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the mochi donuts.

Btw I picked up some cheong fun / rice noodle to go at “Yin Ji Chang Fen” next door. Good stuff, best cheong fun I’ve had yet in NYC; rest of the one’s I’ve frequented are not worth mentioning tbh. Apparently an OG joint hailing from Guangzhou depuis 1950s. Great filing to rice noodle ratio and spot on soy sauce. The milk tea looks like a potent HK “cha chan tang” version. Need to revisit and dine in soon.

I’ve been wanting to go to yin ji chang fen! How does it compare to joe’s? I hear yi ji shi mo is also excellent despite their very limited hours (4pm close T_T)

I did not like Joe’s; Yin Ji is way better IMO. I think it might have to do with my preference for the Cantonese style prep. Served plain with seasoned soy sauce like the ones served at dim sum joints and not slathered with the myriad of sauces.

Ahhh interesting! Ok will def make a trip soon!

Sliced fish rice roll from Yin Ji Chang Fen. I went there on the day of the Lunar New Year parade earlier this month. I like Joe’s, too.


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I found Joe’s tends to clump into a starchy block… at least the location in the East Village.

I’ve only been to Canal St., just a day or so after they opened. Expansion and time may have had a detrimental effect.

I’ve had less than stellar experiences at the East Village one but Canal St Mkt has consistently been good for me! Might not be as thin and silky as yin ji or yi ji shi mo but it’s quite good and i enjoy the toothsomeness. you should be able to put your own sauce on it too so it doesnt have unnecessary sauce!

Much better than Joe’s IMO, place was packed. I still prefer Yin Ji’s, like mine with more filing.

looks great!! very silky!