Aljibani Halal Market, Diamond Bar

Been going to Aljibani for a while now for work lunch and I’ve never written it up and feel bad about that because I enjoy it a lot. It’s a smallish grocery store that also has a lunch counter, where they will fry up fresh falafel or give you very hearty portions of a variety of meat-based North African/Mediterranean entrees. The falafel are really good; well-seasoned with a nice crunch on the outside that goes well with the soft, warm interior. I don’t think they quite measure up to the best-in-class at Hatikva, but certainly the best I’ve had in SGV/IE.

The biryani are all hearty and delicious (though they’re pretty heavy for lunch so I don’t get them a lot), and they have lamb, chicken, and beef shawarma, all of which are fantastic. Add a couple of sides (my favorite are the tzatziki and the spicy cucumber + tomato salad) and slather some of their Zankou-level garlic spread on some pita and it’s a pretty great meal for 6-8 bucks.

I always forget to take photos, but the yelp ones are good.

Aljibani Halal Market
23385 Golden Springs Dr
Diamond Bar


The rotisserie chicken is also very good. A bit small and slathered in their garlic sauce is really good. Take one home for a lazy dinner along with some sides.

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