All'antico Vinaio heading to Koreatown

Can’t arrive soon enough. Just visited the NY location – La Dante for the win.


sounds amazing! hopefully someplace in Ktown with at least some decent street parking.

I been meaning to go to the NYC one but it’s in Midtown (yuck). Other than a Broadway show, MoMA, Best Bagels and Coffee, and some halal trucks I rather avoid.

The sandwiches look great and I have a friend who spent months in Florence who can attest to its deliciousness.

Los Tacos no 1 is nearby and the Adobada mula there is good.

OMG!!! Please be south of Wilshire…. Please be south of Wilshire…

lol-- I’m hoping either 6th, 3rd street or even Beverly west of Normandie (the “quieter” part of Ktown)

I went right past this place on a trip to Italy by the Pantheon. I should’ve just waited in line with everyone else instead of going to another sandwich shop around the corner that was just okay.

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Meh the last thing I want to eat on vacation is a sandwich. If I had to, I’d rather go here in Rome:

I went to the Florence location a few months ago. It’s a good sandwich but barely warrants the 30ish minute wait. Besides the lines, multiple locations across the street from one another, and the hype, part of the novelty is the size of the sandwich. It’s comically oversized. It was enjoyable but there are better sandwiches to be had in Italy (Mordi Sandwichouse near the Vatican for the win), and I’d be hard pressed to go out of my way for it here in LA.




In Rome, the sandwiches worrh going out if your way for are made with pizza bianca at Antico Forno Roscioli.


I enjoyed it

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This looks to be fabulous. I’ve had sandwiches in Rome and Florence. Maybe they will serve a spleen sandwich
Yum . At least it’s not another fucking pizza place opening.


Seems likely the LA branch will have the same menu, since it includes sandwiches with names that reference LA and Venice Beach. No spleen.

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Maybe in the far future. I’ll have a spleen sandwich. Delicious.

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I had a spleen sandwich at the famous place in Palermo. The ricotta salata had all the flavor, the spleen was just texture.

Lung can be great, but it’s illegal in the US.


Maybe someday. I know . Far behind in food culture. One step at a time. It’s ok .

the date is very vague, but since only the Vegas location was mentioned as opening in 2023… is it doubtful the KTown location doesn’t open until 2024!!!

me too
that was so great


Same. Stopped there on my Italy trip this summer. Surprisingly good and about 3e.