Aloha. . .Maui Fave's

Lucky you that you can still do the carbs…

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Heading back to Maui in a couple of months and tho’ we were there last year, anything new and exciting or old and exciting?
Love me poke, plate lunch and seafood.

Lunch at a Star Noodle. .
Tamuras fine wine & liquor is da bomb!

Gazebo for breakky or lunch…fried rice…OMG!
Leoda’s for a slice of pie…

Nothing like answering your own post…

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Headed to Ka’anapali tomorrow morning. Thanks for all your tips!


Star Noodle was great. A bit more pricey than I expected but great. Had Happy Hour at Sea House - very much an anti-climax after Star Noodle. I have had my fill of umbrella drinks. Snorkeling at Airport Beach today fantastic. Best reefs around. Headed to Olivine Pool tomorrow and back to Airport Beach in the afternoon. Dinner at Mama’s Fish House Monday and Haile Maile General Store Wednesday. Why isn’t the entire world Hawaii?

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Headed there in a couple of days. .
Glad you like Star Noodle…we always go for lunch…
Then we hit up Tamura’s down the street.

You must go today to South Maui Fish Company. . the little red food truck in Kihei…close to Caffe Kihei
Da Bomb!
Poke bowl with pineapple salsa and white rice is sublime…get there early.

Aloha and hope to run into you…eating and drinking in da islands…

Let Aloha be your guide!


Looks great, but very hard to take the time to drive to Kihei when the snorkeling is so great! Been hitting up Airport Beach every day as well as Kapalua and Mokuleia. We actually had a great body surfing day at Mokuleia! Did the Olivine pools as well. Hey I notice you stay at Honua Kai. We stay down the street at this lovely old school condo, the Hale Kai. Its kitty korner from Bad Ass and the Farmer’s Market. Here is their website, I mention this because, as far as I can tell, its about half the price of Honua Kai. We are paying $129/night for unit 107. Good little kitchen, stone’s throw from the water, and nice little pool. Budget then allows more dining splurges; went to Hali’maile General Store last night and headed to Mama’s Fish House tomorrow. Pics from Hali’maile. Have a wonderful time!


Aloha bitches. . .
Had a blast in Maui and ate quite well.

South Maui Fish Company in Kihei for their Poke bowl, all traditional poke with rice and pineapple cole slaw was da bomb for $18…
Divey food truck but the food is solid.
Star Noodle for lunch…out friggin’ standing!

Merriman’s Maui for happy hour drinks and app’s…great birthday & anniversary!

Fresh coconut sheared off with a machete on the road near Makena beach with my local Island boyz. .



@Plumeria - you still around?!!

I’m making my maiden voyage to Maui later this year. This thread has been great, along with those from @BradFord & @cookiemonster.

Anyone been recently ish? Would love any thoughts/recommendations for a first timer.

it’s been awhile, but i enjoyed mama’s fish house and haliimaile general store.

Gracias! Seems like Mama’s Fish House is a frequent reco. And I’ll add Haliimaile to the list.

Still trying to get a lay of the land and how long it takes to get from place-to-place.

Mama’s is very good, beautiful setting, and very expensive. Where are you staying, @President_Mochi? You can end up doing a lot of driving if you want to hit all the Maui dining highlights.

Staying down in Wailea.