Aloha. . .Maui Fave's

Here are my faves…

Koiso in Kihei for some of the best sushi evah
Merriman’s in Kapalua for brunch and drinks and apps…
Mama’s Fish House…go for lunch
Star Noodle in Lahaina…some of the best food and their ahi app is sublime
Duke’s…Hula Grll…Kimo’s…Sansei for Happy Hour
Gazebo in Napili for breakfast/lunch
Plantation House at Kapalua Club House for breakfast and drinks after 18
Leoda’s for pie before Lahaina
Paia Fish Market
Bev Gannon’s General Store

Loved to hear your faves!
Mahalo :rainbow: :ocean:

On our last visit we hit Mala in N. Lahaina three times and would have gone again if possible.

Heading there tomorrow and have heard that next door is a place called Honu (sp?) maybe owned by the same people? Had one report of a meal better than Mala but another old pal said it was good but more of a bar and appetizers kinda place. Oh well, will just have to sniff it out and report back.

Same pal mentioned a place (no name) near Ocean Center but couldn’t recall the name, wasn’t Saltimboca, Waterfront, Seascape, or Beach Bums Bar n Grill. It may have closed.



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Hi Polar Bear/Dave: do you have anything to report back? Our impression of MaLa & Honu is they’re not bad but seem overpriced, but then again, what isn’t in Maui!!!

Hi rwc, nice to see you here. Off the top, we’re here in W. Maui two more days so still open to any new suggestions.

Had our second lunch today at Honu, on arrival two weeks ago we first visited and had the Ahi Bruschetta on flaxseed bread (1/2 order) and split a fish sandwich. Today we split an app of the brussel sprouts (wouldn’t order again, wasn’t aware it came in a sauce) and split the Dungeness (fr WA) Mac 'n Cheese and the smoked Kobe Apple Bacon burger with 1/2 n 1/2 french and sweet potato fries, very good and came home with enough leftovers to have with a small salad. and a little Tako salad we picked up at the Fish Market.

Had dinner last night with a couple of friends at Mala, they each had the seafood noodles and were very happy (didn’t get a taste), Lady PB had the fresh fish (Monchong, iirc) and loved it. I ordered the whole Wok Fried Fish ($99 for two, or $59 single) was then advised that the single one was larger than normal and would be $69 if I still wanted it, or they could do another with the same prep (ginger, black bean sauce) for $49 if I wished. Went with the latter which was excellent, good thing otherwise we would have missed our show time at Warren and Annabelle’s (best magic/comedy show ever).

Both are pricey and owned by the same person as is the new Frida’s next door, very pricey Mexican food, we’re taking a pass on that one this trip.

BTW you can pick up gift cards for Mala/Honu at Costco that get you 20% off.

We’ve BBQ’d a lot of fresh fish from the Fish Market (3636 Lower Honoapiiliani Rd) that also carries great Tako,Poke, and ceviches.

Farmer’s Market just north is good for produce, spices, fresh pineapple, papaya, etc. There’s also a little Mexican market there (3600 L H Rd).

A little further north during the lunch hours look for the black Taco Truck with red letters on the left near a little beach,fish tacos are $5 and very tasty, likewise the al Pastor (tho not carved off the spit). I saw he has a hot dog covered with jalapenos I’ll have to go back for. We also spotted him during dinner hours on the right hand side (heading north) a little further up in one of the larger condo parking lots.

We’ve hit the Gazebo (Napili Pt) for Macademia Nut pancakes, shrimp salad, and pork fried rice, omelets are supposed to be good as well (B/L only).

Had lunch yesterday at the Sea House, north end of Napili Beach, good Reuben and Cheese burger, reasonably priced, $12, iirc. Supposedly have a new chef that was at the Plantation House for years so hoped to see something inspiring on the dinner menu, but was not to be.

Lunch at Star Noodle was pretty good, was hoping to try one of the Udon or other noodle dished but ended up with more of the Korean dishes.

Just down the street is Tamura wine and spirits shop, enormous selection from all over the world.

Both the above are just off Keawe St. which is also the new Hwy 3000 aka the Hwy 30 bypass which cuts out about 6-7 traffic lights to the south. Be sure and observe the speed limit, locals say it was just put in to make money.

The former Lahaina Market (off Keawe) is now Foodland Farms, great market for stocking up, OK selection of wines and spirits. Give your phone number to get the members discount while you’re there.

Lacking any further incoming info will probably make our last dining at the Taco Truck and fresh fish items from The Fish Market.



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Aloha Dave!
So jealous you are in Maui…
DH and I almost took a flight for short trip this weekend, since we’ve been craving the Ahi Avo at Star Noodle and the malasadas donut holes…
Finish it off with cocktails at Merrimans Kapalua…

Good to know about Mala and Honu…see it behind Safeway but never have stopped.
Tamura’s is awesome and craving me some pie from Leoda’s…
Take some pics bruddha so it will hold me over to I get over there in a couple of months…

Aloha and Mahalo

If you buy a Maui Brewing Company t-shirt in Kihei, and wear it there on Wednesday’s you get 4 dollar pints all day.

Big fan of Big Swell IPA. I might have drunk more than my share…nah, not possible.

My wife loved the pulled pork sliders from the food truck parked outside and its a pretty nice setting.

Wait just a fucking second …

Thought you were chilling in fucking Sd ???

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what the hell are you talking about?

Also, do you ever post without swearing?

Aloha bruddha Kevin. .
Chilling now in SD…and that ain’t no f*cking joke!!

Honua Kai is where I hang and they have a Duke’s Maui on property that is great for aloha hour everyday and then swim right out front to one of the best beaches…before and after.
Sometimes, you don’t want to leave the beach and this location is perfect to eat and drink without getting in a car.
:tropical_drink: :palm_tree: :swimmer:

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Hi Dave, thanks for mentioning Tamura’s, the one near Star Noodle. It’s a pretty new store we found last February. Their poke selection is amazing! We were there every other day :-). Our routine is to get a small amount of 5-6 different kinds. We found theirs to be the most carefully prepared & freshest tasting of all those available in West Maui…

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I was blown away by their wine and liquor selections, my last visit to the island it took major effort just to find a decent bottle of red, which turned out to be from the east coast of all places, a Norton, iirc. We went to Foodland Farms for our first poke fix since we’d loved all the varieties the former Lahaina Market put out. Unfortunately it didn’t measure up, OK flavor wise but the texture of the fish itself was off, kind of mushy. I had Tamura’s on our radar but we kind of got locked into the tako poke at the Fish Market, the medium spicy was addictive. Next visit will try Tamua’s offerings and revisit Star Noodle again.



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Tamura’s kicks serious ass and so does Star Noodle.
You can basically park at either one and walk to both of them.
Then head to Leoda’s for a slice of pie or take home a whole pie home.
Didn’t see any whales so hopefully, in March, they’ll be there, giving us the show of a lifetime.
Aloha & Mahalo


Back in September… Wooo hooo!
Anything new this island Chica needs to put on her list?

Booked for couple weeks on the beach in Ka’anapali and hitting up the usual…Star Noodle…Dukes HH…Merrimans…Gazebo…

Can’t wait…
Love Honua Kai and there is the new Hyatt with 2 bedroom , 2 bath, full kitchen and oceanfront patio…woo hoo

Anything new and exciting in Maui that this beach chick needs to hit up…love me my poke and :tropical_drink:


Hi Plumeria, I’m a little late to the party, but I just remembered we liked Teddy’s in the shopping center with Foodland F


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Aloha. .
Teddy’s rocks.
After swimming & snorkeling in the ocean all day, there is something to be said about a cheeseburger with fries or a veg burger with their special sauce.


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Plus if you’re a low carber, it’s great they’ll do any of the burgers as a lettuce wrap or a bowl!

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Screw that no carb BS…
When I’ve been in swimming and diving for 8+ hours…
I need and want that damn bun!

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