Amacita culver

Anyone stopped by joe centeno’s new restaurant in culver? Seeing some posts pop up on social media wanted to know if it was worth checking out.

not yet, but i’m a fan of Bar Ama DTLA. Hoping it’s good -going to check it out when I can

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Great for for the neighborhood… My new favorite flour tortilla in West LA.

Happy hour.


Amacita is on Washington, not Culver.

I’m here right now and it sure feels like
I’m on Culver.

Yes in Culver City but on Washington where his Baco spot was -which for some reason I didn’t realize was closed. Love the homemade looking yakitori style grill -looks like binchotan in there

Tried the Carne Guisado taco due to your post. I concur. This tortilla is outstanding. And I just had two tacos and a Pacifico for under $15 all in. Quite pleased with this place.


Ha! I was just there -wonder if that was you coming in as I was leaving

def try the JAWS by brouwerij west next time that hit the spot!


I wanted to mention that although I didn’t have dessert it looked like they were featuring farmers market produce. Including Black Republican cherries from Andy’s orchard among others

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Went again today with a friend for happy hour. Got the super nachos, two carne guisada tacos, 4 beers, and then an order of the pork dish on the non-happy hour menu with corn tortillas. Everything was absolutely delicious. Got out very full for $50 for two. This is the best thing to open on Culver Blvd. in…ever? (I realize this is damning with faint praise).


The best thing since Ford’s filing Station maybe? Although i did really like that Indian place That was in that spot for a minute

The michelada was good. The tacos were fine, I like HomeState better.

The weird thing is they don’t give you any red or green sauce for the tacos. It’s supposed to be Tex-Mex and no salsa? There is just this little bottle of sweet sauce with a touch of cumin. It the same sauce they serve in a little ramekin with the chips.

The salad was an over-dressed disaster, with an incredibly sweet dressing. Inedible.

I mentioned it to the waiter, he asked if we wanted a different “vegetables”, and I said no, it’s okay (we wanted lettuce), so he walked off, breezily telling us over his shoulder, “I’ll let the chef know!”

Also, post-soft opening, the nacho hour menu is much more limited, which is fine, just an FYI.


The chips came with a nice salsa i would ask for that. Too bad your experience didn’t live up to expectations. Personally I think it is a good fit for the neighborhood and much better than loqui which I never loved post removing the grill

what Loqui had to remove their grill?

Long ago. They were grilling over hard wood IIRC but the neighbors complained about the smoke so everything is guidados style but not as good.

well i haven’t been since, I loved their grilled tacos :frowning:

Yeah now the best single taco in West LA might be the grilled ribeye taco at Sonoritas. Nothing else there is at that level unfortunately

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thanks for the tip. I go to sawtelle a lot but am always distracted by the asian food offerings. I’ll have to check out sonoritas next time.

I like the quesadilla as well mostly because it tastes like what i grew up eating. Most everything else is good but not great. Not sure if they do the shrimp over the wood grill but that might be worth trying if they do

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