Amazon Prime Now Restaurant Delivery

Just had my first restaurant delivery from Amazon’s new restaurant delivery service. What’s not to like?

Not feeling well and not a lot of food in the house and not feeling inspired about anything in the fridge or cupboard for breakfast. A few clicks on my phone and fairly lickety–split a fried egg sandwich from Chaumont shows up on my door step. And it is acceptably hot and the eggs are not congealed. Oh yeah, and a bunch of croissants for the upcoming days – Chaumont’s croissants are among the best around. And the parking near Chaumont sucks. Go Amazon Prime.

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How much extra than if you had it at the restaurant?

I just looked at the Chaumont website and at my receipt and my fried egg sandwich was $9.50 both at the restaurant and through Amazon Prime Now.

I’m not sure what the Amazon delivery fee is because this was my first delivery and they give it to you free.

Tax obviously was same as in the restaurant.

There was a $5 tip added, but based on how much I spent with the added pastries, I would have tipped about $4.75 in the restaurant (maybe less if I had done takeout rather than eaten in), so about a wash. Not sure how Amazon calculates the tip – if it is based on size of order or distance from restaurant, or both?

All I can say is that I don’t feel well, I’m still in my pajamas and was happy for this stuff to show up!

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Not sure what the benefit of Amazon prime is compared to Postmates. With Postmates, you can order from any restaurant in LA that offers takeout.

Chaumont’s service is so terrible that I can imagine a food delivery being quicker than a waiter delivery. Agree croissants are good. Everything else not so good. Hope you feel better. My go to delivery is DoorDash, which interestingly enough, Yelp refuses to keep on its website because it now owns most of the competing restaurant delivery websites.

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The difference is cost and available restaurants.

maudies5, I agreed that Chaumont is not great, but I like their eggs with spicy sauce, lamb sausage and kale and the fried egg sandwich today wasn’t bad. To me, it’s breakfast food when either you don’t have all the ingredients in the house to make a proper breakfast or you are not feeling up to it. Plus, just being able to get decent croissants delivered is quite nice.

I found the Postmates interface, both web and telephone, kind of clunky. The Amazon interface is a bit nicer. When I am so lazy that I want something delivered, I am also lazy that I don’t want to deal with a clunky interface. Caviar also has a nice simple interface.

No one’s gonna say: Hope you’re feeling better?

It’s friggin Chistmas, peoples.

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Postmates is best used on an app on a mobile device. It is liberating, because you can order from any restaurant and type in any dish. I find TryCaviar annoying because they only have half the menu items, but it’s a good service.

Thank you TonyC. That’s very nice. It’s a chronic condition that is requiring surgery in January and a long recovery, so I’m sure that in the next months, all these delivery services will be my new best friends!

maudie5 did! :smile:

And @Omotesando, hope the surgery goes w/o complication! :smile:


Yes, thank you to all who have given me good wishes.

And to Alkiegourmand, I have just discovered the joy of Postmates. Sitting here on Christmas Day, and still not feeling well, and still little food in the house and 'lo and behold, Postmates is delivering today from Nate 'n Al. And I see what you mean about the joy of getting whatever you want because I can get food delivered not only from the restaurant menu, but also from the deli counter. So I stocked up from the deli counter. My order was accepted rather quickly and it is on its way. Very cool!

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