Amboy Quality Meats & Delicious Burgers

Amboy needs their own thread if for no other reason than having some of the best fries in la.

amboy hot dog - beef frank, caramelized onions, pickled chilies and garlic aioli in a custom amboy hot dog bun
great snappy dog on a toaster golden bun, loved the addition of the sweet caramelized onions to balance out the chilies.

dh burger - 10 oz dry aged beef blend, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, garlic confit mayo and burger pickles in between a toasted custom burger bun by bread bar la
this was thicc, juicy and cooked perfectly with an impressive crust all around. the patty could have been seasoned a bit more.

classic double - custom blended burger patties, caramelized onions, american cheese, burger pickles and burger sauce in between a toasted sesame seed bun from bread bar la
I think I may prefer this over the dh. the condiments stood up better to the thinner patties.

727 N Broadway No. 117
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 935-8188


My friend has been raving about this place.

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really enjoyed the classic and fries.


Every time I’m at PRD, I also want to drop by for a burger and fries. It’s all so good! I didn’t know about the hot dogs! I love meat in tube form.


Amboy is pretty great, i haven’t had the Picante burger but the rest of the menu has been really delicious. I also love that hotdog.
That plaza is great for some bang bang combo’s.


that DH burger did nothing for me, tasting of steamed meatloaf. Maybe an ERTAT problem.

Major props to the actual butcher side of things, the picanha steak was amazing and the vacuum sealed longanisa is a lifesaver.

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The Picante burger is one of my top 3 burgers in LA. I make it a point to get one every time
I pick up something from PRD. the combo of those chilis, that cheese, and the poppy seed bun is heavenly


Is this a limited item? I don’t see it on the site?



Smashburger heaven.

I need that longanisa with some eggs and rice!

Shout out to my Pinoy and Pinay friends growing up in Southeast Los Angeles County. Shout out to Gerrys Grill! I can’t believe I still haven’t ate at Lasa. Shout out to Ma’am Sir for the genius name btw!


Aforementioned meatloaf burger

You said Longanisa rice and eggs?


My dude! That is some good f’ing eats!

Can you specify doneness?

I’d love to get this on the rarer side.

That hot dog looks so damn good. And SNAPPY!


I just had Amboy yesterday and for the price, you really cannot beat it. I had the double, really enjoyed it, my only teeny tiny remark was there was too much thousand island which sort of covered up the taste of the beef. I think I’m gonna get this sauce on the side next time. And I do love how they use cheap American cheese with higher quality beef. It’s like wearing Balenciaga sandals with socks from the swap meet. The crust on the burgers is excellent and love that they use two crust thin burgers to maximize crusty flavor and texture. The bun was crisped up so that each bite had a nice crunch from the bun. The fries were indeed excellent as @PorkyBelly said, a tad salty but the texture and flavor is really well done. It has that fry texture that can only be achieved with animal fat.


Dang. I go to Endorffeine once a week or so. Gonna have to work in Amboy next time. Thanks for the reports @PorkyBelly @Ns1 @A5KOBE!


I loved your Balenciaga reference.

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You should NEVER wear socks with Balenciaga sandals.

I’m not sure, I didn’t see that option when ordering online.

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