"American Wagyu" + Pho + Hidden Location? The Rise and Fall of Great Pho in 3 Months - Pho Akaushi [Thoughts + Pics]



Looks like he took up Chef Peter Hung’s old banh xeo shop (a la @JeetKuneBao’s posts). I’ve heard about Pho Akaushi, but I thought it was more of a fad thing. I’m not one to be a fan of pho filet mignon, so when I hear about some folks trying to gussy up a simple bowl of pho, I’m a bit hesitant to try.
My interest has kind of been piqued now that @Chowseeker1999 has put this on the radar.

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Glad you got to try it!!

Pho Bo can be inconsistent at times even with the best.


Hi @attran99,

Thanks. :slight_smile: I feel the same way. But @JeetKuneBao’s description piqued our interest and in the end we were glad to have tried it.

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I wish restauranters like this could get financial backing to open on the Westside.


Ok, I think you can get there without going through the Labyrinth of the market.

There is an entrance on the Westminster side that has set of stairs that takes you directly the second level. There’s still some walking to get to the restaurants but it’s bit more direct. I remember this because there used to be a catfish spot that we used to go years back.

As for the pho—you would think that better beef with the appropriate skills will result in superior pho. Many friends tell me Houston Texas pho joints are much better than little Saigon. According to this https://www.foodrepublic.com/2015/07/01/orange-county-vs-houston-two-vietnamese-food-meccas-in-america-two-very-different-menus/ article, the author agrees. The rent and land is cheap and they have an abundance of Texas cattle.

So it’s interesting he’s sourcing his beef from TX and that can’t be cheap.

I actually was asked to judge the oc pho fest months ago where he entered his pho. It was a blinded tasting of only 4 spots but his clearly was the superior one for all the reasons @JeetKuneBao and @Chowseeker1999 mentions . I hope he gets back to it.


I’m glad you wrote this. Our two favorite meats in pho are tendon and tripe. And, if ‘beef’ then at least start with it raw. IMneverHO of course :smile:

I’m pretty sure his generation solely relies on family money—not sure if there’s distrust of banks etc or it’s just they just don’t have resources to know or language issues. For many of his generation, it’s opening a restaurant and hope to survive, not a passion project open with intent, to tell his culinary perspective.


Pho Akaushi could use some marketing. I’m sad that it’s not busier.

Oh yeah that Crispy Catfish place is still there. Which reminds me I haven’t been to Favori in a while

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Thanks for the tip on the shortcut @hppzz! I didn’t know that. And wow! You were asked to judge Pho for the OC Pho Fest? That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you liked Pho Akaushi for that contest. I hope that it was only a fluke or that he gets enough business to have enough turnover to prevent that leftover effect from happening.