An immigrant hopes to find his American dream with ... French tacos?

1303 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024


Partner had found this place during an internet search awhile back (although I guess not more a year ago). I didn’t understand what a “French Fold” was, and I still may not understand it. :wink: But sounds like it might be worth giving it a whirl.


Please do - and report back!

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I’d temper your expectations. French tacos (in France, O’Tacos) are pretty mediocre verging on bad. They might work as super drunk/stoned food.


O’Tacos is a chain that some French tacos fans think degraded the originals. They’re closer to San Diego’s “California burritos” than anything else. I meant to try one when I was passing through Lyon last week but it didn’t work out.

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They do have Mexican tacos in France. I saw lots of them in Paris, versus only two places selling French tacos (probably because we were mostly in the 3rd and 4th).

I saw a Mexican Polish Bistro in west end of London once


Haven’t watched the video above yet.

Stopped by today:

I went in w/ relatively low expectations. On paper, at least, the fillings sound really weird, and, when ordering, I couldn’t determine if the cheesy sauce was included in all orders or not. The actual prices are a bit (or sometimes more than a bit, in a relative sense) more than what’s listed on the menus in the front window.

I was worried that it was going to be huge; it’s actually not that big, which is a relief, b/c it’s HEFTY. I think it’s more like the love child of a burrito and a panini, rather than a taco.

The taste was… enjoyable, actually. It’s not gourmet. There’s no elevated ingredients here. But I think that’s clear since you order from a kiosk, so it’s not like the place is pretending to be something it’s not.

I didn’t detect much in the way of mushrooms, although I think it might’ve just gotten lost among everything else. And I guess french fries come inside all orders (since I didn’t add fries, but they were def in there). The fries ended up feeling almost like potatoes in a conventional breakfast burrito. The Algerienne sauce seemed a bit like the white sauce from a fish burrito + something sort of bechamel-y.

The price isn’t exactly cheap, but nothing is these days. I ate the whole thing, but most people would probably find one order sufficient for two people, if they’re not starving.

Briefly spoke to the owner, who seemed happy that the LAT article brought me in. I got the impression that business has been slow.

This is not destination dining, but I think it’s worth trying if you’re nearby and want something very casual. I can’t afford to eat this very often from a caloric perspective (although it didn’t feel as big a gut bomb as I’d been expecting), but I’d certain return based on taste. And it’s always nice to support local businesses. :slight_smile:


I think the main evolutionary precursor was shawarma wraps.

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Oh, that makes a lot of sense. The owner mentioned that the tacos started in “kebab” places (he didn’t understand the phrase “Middle-Eastern” and instead mentioned countries in North Africa).

I’m not very familiar with North African cuisine. Do they also have lavash as part of the meal?

He said that kebab places often have panini presses, too.

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This should answer your questions on the origins.


I’ve only finished about half the article, but very interesting thus far. Thanks for posting.

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