ANAHEIM tacos, burgers, whatever

Will have to try this out one day. Meat Up is the place we probably go to the most because its the closest. Jav’s and Native Son are better. I’ve heard good things about the BBQ place that mostly parks at breweries. Heritage BBQ. Haven’t had a chance to sample yet.


Heritage opening up brick and mortar in San Juan Capistrano. Man that sucks - far from Brea.


I work right across from that space, so YAY!!!

We’ve found Jav’s sandwiches dry and not that tasty or smoky – they seem to remove all the fat which leads to a dull sandwich – this applies to the brisket, pulled pork. and tri-tip. However, the chicken wings have been tasty, the only thing we go back for, but they only get them twice a week and they sell out fast, so call ahead if you want that.