ANAHEIM tacos, burgers, whatever

Going to Anaheim Regional Hospital tomorrow to visit a friend. What’s good in Anaheim?

Napa Rose inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.

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OC Tasty Chicken & Banh Mi has some excellent sandwiches and bo kho.


Myung Dong Kyoja is down the street. Same as Koreatown. Get the Kalgooksu or try one of the cold spicy noodles. They also have some type of algae noodles.

E-San Rod Sap, has Thai-Lao/Isaan food. Some of the Thai basics are pretty solid like Tom Yum, curries, etc.

Mos 2, teriyaki chicken place. Make sure you add both the teriyaki sauce and tapatio! And a horchata to wash it down! This is a North OC hood classic.

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El Gaucho Market also down the street from OC Tasty Chicken and Banh Mi (obviously get the roasted chicken Banh mi with egg!!)

El Gaucho is a Argentinian Market they have empanadas and sandwiches with a delicious chimachurri! You might want to buy a bottle home

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Pour Vida. 1/2 price between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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Okayama Kobo Bakery…really good Japanese bakery, be sure to try the spicy curry pan and butter-salt bread.

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The Packing District is not too far away. Grab a beer and good BBQ at Javs (across the street at MAKE). Adya has very good plates albeit on the expensive side for Indian.

Mas Islamic Chinese is close by too.

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have we already forgotten them beef reeeebs


Great suggestions so far. I’ll through in Jägerhaus for German and The Ranch if you’re going to be there after 5:00.


What is the move and the thing to get at Jagerhaus?

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Those Flintstones ribs!!!

Matiki’s also has the best damn mac salad around!

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Admittedly, it’s been a little while since I’ve been in, but Schweinhaxe is my favorite there (call a day ahead to reserve one). Also, you can’t go wrong with the wiener schnitzel, wiener roastbraten, or their combo platter. Spätzle, sauerkraut, and red cabbage are my go-to sides. I need to get back in there soon.

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He ended up being released yesterday, so I didn’t go. This is a good list to have though.

Not sure if it’s needed but I think one day if I am bored I will compile a guide for around the Disneyland area/North OC. I know a lot of people come down here for Disneyland. Maybe you don’t want to drive out to LA/LA County and/or you are sick of corn dogs/dole whips/Churros


Corned beef hash at breakfast time. Also the plum jam is fantastic.


Second on the CBH at Jagerhaus; also the farmer’s breakfast (potato, meat and veg skillet). Their ham is also very good, as are their wursts. I can’t think of anything I’ve had there for breakfast that I didn’t like.

How many times have you had Jav’s BBQ? I guess I am asking is have they been consistent with the flavor every time?

Only had the BBQ twice but very good both times. Sides were better than many other BBQ joints. The brisket had a good bark and was moist - considerably better than the brisket I had at maple block but a small notch below Bludsos. The right amount of fat which we don’t mind.

OC doesn’t have great options. I’d say this place was on par or a little better with the place inside native son. But native son has much better tap list.

I was sad that Smokey Fred’s closed down since it was an easy place to pick up good BBQ and a deep fried Turkey for Thanksgiving. Meat Up and Leadbelly are both pretty enjoyable places to go but not my favorite BBQ. Apparently Craftsman Pizza and BBQ is smoking but haven’t tried out the new location in Anaheim.