Chef's Counter at Napa Rose

Since I don’t see any posts on Napa Rose on FTC, please allow me to remedy this situation.

Located inside the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is some of the best food and QPR Disney has to offer even though that’s not saying much! By dining at Napa Rose, you may drop off your car at the hotel’s complimentary valet which allows you to skip out the disgustingly busy parking lot of Downtown Disney and Disney’s main parking lot.

Now onto the restaurant itself. First of all, you would probably want to dine at the “secret” chef’s counter. It’s $100 for 5 - 6 courses where each of your party, 3 in my case, gets a unique dish and thereby allowed me to sample 16 different items on this night (We requested the same course for course #2). Optional wine pairing is another $55 with very generous pours. Secondly, by dining at the chef’s table, you get to see where the magic actually happens since it’s a wide open kitchen and you’re encouraged to interact the the kitchen staff. It’s a really fun experience. Lastly, they do NOT skimp out on the portions. By the end of the night, you’ll realize that it’s an insane amount of food they give you. I nearly needed someone to carry me out of the restaurant. :joy:

Now on to the food. Since this visit was over a year ago, I don’t quite remember the details of each dish. However, what I do remember is that the food in general was very solid. You won’t see anything ground-breaking happening here in terms of techniques or unique combination of flavors but each dish, with the exception of the mediocre desserts, were a solid 7.5 - 8 out of 10 for me. Your fish might be a hair overcooked or your meat might be a touch under-cooked but I’m just splitting hair here with these minor execution flaws. I would rate this slightly higher than Kali’s chef’s counter even though I’ve had good memories there.

The chef’s counter at Napa Rose is really an excellent introduction to the world of tasting menus. Each person’s “menu” is tailored to your preference not unlike omakase at a good Sushiya. You may request certain protein to be included and cooked a temperature you prefer.

Considering the QPR, it’s a no brainer to dine here. Highly Recommended!

Note: It was difficult for me to keep track of the name/ingredients of each course since we get 3 dishes at the same time so there are plenty of pictures captioned with “Don’t remember”

EC Andrew Sutton making the magic happen here!

Assorted bread basket - the delightful Parmesan bread crisps was the real MVP here

Amuse Bouche: Cauliflower Puree | Raisins, chopped nuts

Course 1a: Citrus-cured Salmon Buckwheat Blini, Citrus-cured Buckwheat Blini, Curried Crab Taco, Ahi Nacho Lemon-broiled Scallop

Course 1b: Garden Celebration Salad | Heirloom Tomato, Tender Petit Green Beans, Ahi Tuna Tartine, Basil-Scallion Pistou, and Sun-dried Garlic Vinaigrette

Course 1c: “Smiling Tiger Salad” | Tempura Fried Lobster, spicy Beef, Asian Greens, and Coconut-Lime Vinaigrette

Plating up next course

Course 2: Pan-roasted Diver Scallop | Sauce of Lobster and Lemon accented with Vanilla
Highlight of the night



Course 3a: Don’t remember what this is

Course 3b: Don’t remember what this is

Course 3c: Grilled John Dory and Seafood Cassoulet | House-made Shrimp Sausage, Snow Crab, and Meyer Lemon Broth

Course 4a: Pan-roasted “Maple Leaf Farms” Breast of Duck| Duck Confit, Coastal Mushrooms, Black Mission Figs, and Pinot Noir Essence

Course 4b: Rabbit Ravioli - Don’t remember the rest

Course 4c: Pheasant Roulade | Duck Mousse, Gnocchi, don’t remember the rest

Course 5a: Pan-roasted Angus Beef Filet Mignon | Braised Kobe Beef Cheeks, Fennel Puree, and Sonoma Mushrooms

Course 5b: Herb-roasted Colorado Lamb Chop and Braised Lamb Brisket | Wine Country Pancetta-braised Red Cabbage, Yams, and Zinfandel Essence

Course 5c: Grilled Eye of the Rib-Eye and Cabernet-braised Top Cap | Colcannon Potatoes and Horseradish Crème

Course 6a: Don’t remember what this is

Course 6b: Don’t remember what this is

Course 6c: Some sort of ginger cake with some sort of ice cream

Napa Rose
1313 Disneyland Dr
Anaheim, CA 92802


Thanks for the report. How difficult are reservations and how do they tailor the menu? Do they ask you what you like? Do you pick from certain dishes? How customized can it get?

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There are 12 seats at the chef’s counter with 3 sections, seats 1 - 4 or 4 - 8 are the ones you want since they’re in front of the actual people that are plating up appetizers or entrees. I don’t recommend 9-12 since you’ll be in front of the dessert station with stacks of plates in front of you.

With that out of the way, the only way you can make a reservation at the chef’s counter is to call Napa Rose directly during business hours and ask to sit at the chef’s counter. Depending on the day of the week you want to dine there, you may have to call weeks in advance in order to secure the coveted seats of 1 - 8.

As far as the menu goes, they ask if you have any dietary restrictions, like and dislike in food, and temperature preference. You may also request specific dishes like we did since we REALLY liked the scallop dish the last time we visited. To be honest, this isn’t Chopped style cooking where the kitchen randomly bust out dishes. All the dishes they serve you are from their menu but considering that the average entree there cost $50, you’re really doing yourself a favor by going with the chef’s menu at the counter.


Dude! You are killing it with reviews!

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Nice report @moonboy403. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve had this bookmarked for years (since the old board), but just never get around to planning to drive to “Disneyland” (area) to eat. It looks really enjoyable so we may try it one of these days; soon hopefully.

Now I wish I had tried this place while I still had Cast Member discount privileges. The park is about 20 minutes away, so I may have to make some plans. Thanks for the reminder, @moonboy403!

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Tripped the light fantastic with Mr & Mrs @moonboy403 at Downtown Disney. No dancing was involved. It was a culinary light fantastic at Napa Rose’s Chef’s Table followed by a very tipsy walk around Downtown Disney.

Photos courtesy of @moonboy403 & @TheCookie

Our host and Executive Chef, Andrew Sutton, asked questions about preferences, allergies and such. “The scallop dish looks great. And no tarragon for me, please.” “Alrighty then.” Each diner has an individually customized menu with one or two dishes different than your dining partner - great for sharing.

Thanks to Moonboy403’s tenacity we got the favored seats in front of the kitchen where the action is.

Let the tasting begin…

There was no bread service this time, which was a disappointment to Moonboy403, but anticipating the food to come it was kind of a relief to me, lol.

There was a Champagne & Caviar course, which I didn’t find offensive at all!

Crisp Crab Cannoli Topped w/Golden Osetra Caviar

Smiling Tiger Salad w/Spicy Beef, Lobster-Shrimp Fritters, Greens, Frisée, Coconut Vinaigrette

The beef was not super spicy but very tasty. And yes to the lobster-shrimp fritter!

Diver Scallop, Roasted Nantes Carrot Cloud, Carrot Top Cashew Pesto

This was a collective :hearts: from all of us. Perfectly cooked scallop with a nice use of carrot 3-ways.

Housemade Goat Cheese Agnolotti, Zucchini Blossom Sauce, Crispy Blossom, Pine Nuts

Another solid dish. Perfectly cooked agnolotti filled with creamy, tangy cheese and again with the delicious fresh vegetable sauces… and that crispy blossom!

Housemade Rabbit Sausage, Santa Maria Cassoulet, Spicy Bell Pepper Sauce

I didn’t try this but it looks yummy.

Spring Lamb Raguot, Saffron Gnocchi, Basil Pesto, Grana Padano

I think next to the scallop this was everyones favorite. Melt in your mouth lamb cheeks. The gnocchi - which I’m not usually a fan of - was fluffy and lightly fried giving it texture & caramelization. So good. :heart::blush::heart:

First of the Season Morels, English Peas, Black Truffle

The morels were filled w/puréed mushroom. Earthy black truffle. Naturally sweet pea purée. Excellent dish.

Lemon Thyme Lobster Custard

Two of my favorite words in the culinary dictionary - custard and lobster. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Starting to get a little hazy at this point. Either we didn’t take a photo of the RouteStock Cabernet Sauvignon & Cab Franc or this Faust is a sub, which is likely as they’re probably similar… I think.

Grilled Creekstone Farms Beef Tenderloin, Cabernet Jus, Mustard Creme, Roasted Fennel

I had a couple bites. It’s tenderloin. I liked the flavor the roasted fennel imparted into the dish.

Eye of the Rib-eye, Braised Top Cap, Portobello Mushroom, Cheddar Whipped Potato

Classic pairing of steak & potatoes. I like the braised top cap and of course the whipped potatoes & chives!

”Crudo” of the Day w/Mediterranean Tangerine, Pomegranate, Olive Salad

I was starting to tap-out, so declined when offered a bite… but isn’t it pretty?

Artisanal Cheese - Crottin Wrapped in Savoy Cabbage, Leek, Cashew Fondue

I’m a cheese head and this wasn’t exactly the “cheese course” of my dreams, lol. But I was so full by this time that it didn’t really matter how good the dish was or was not.

Fennel Cucumber Granita, Lemon Chiffon

Wine Country New Carrot Cake, Carrot Gelato, Pineapple Curd, Compressed pineapple

Same goes for desserts. I like carrot cake a lot but it was hard to enjoy it. I think it was pretty good… I think. :sweat_smile:

Weiss Santarem Chocolate Tart w/Lait Caramel Mousse, Pistachio Thyme Anglaise, Salted Caramel

The one bite I had of the tart was delicious and my dinner companions thought it the better of the two. :hearts:

I’m not a tasting menu aficionado - with so many dishes & wines it can be like an endurance sport at times… much like this report. :smiling_face: We were still full the next day. But we very much enjoyed ourselves, the food, wine, watching the chefs at work and listening to them discuss the dishes, sourcing, and their culinary path and experiences. All a treat. We all agreed that Napa Rose is not reinventing the culinary wheel, but it’s a very solid and very enjoyable meal. We definitely recommend it. :hearts:

Happy Eating!


I had a great time! Thanks for the company and the write up! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Us too! Thanks for putting it together! :hugs:


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calling @PorkyBelly



no free bread??? pass :poop:


Hard to keep track of the dishes without a :peacock: or :poop: eating scale. That does seem like a lot of food for a tasting menu. 3 meat dishes, the rabbit sausage and lamb cheeks.


Excellent and thorough review, and great photos!


we need a :cookie: eating scale


TheCookie X Moonboy403 collab out now 4/2022.


Hi Y’all!

Here’s 3 of our 4 menus.

Each menu is tweaked a little differently to encourage sharing with your dining partner. It’s still a lot of food for one person. After I made the “The scallop dish looks great.” comment they added it to my tasting, lol.

Pre-tip & tax: $150 pp & $90 for the wine pairing (pours are generous). My hubs had 2 cocktails at $18.50 each.

Note: most of these dishes are on the regular menu, so I also recommend the dining room.


Haha… I suppose I’ll start training my tastebuds to the rating system but I’m not there yet, lol. The :cookie: rating is cute @PorkyBelly.


How’s the reservation process these days? Call in 60 days in advance?


Yes, especially for that section. @moonboy403 has more info on that.

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It’s $150pp

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