Anajak Thai (Sherman Oaks)?

Anyone have more recent reports?

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Oh damn. Didn’t realize it would be like this.


That’s rather a darling little write up. I wonder if the author was referring to Chef Justin as the newest family member.
I really wanted to go, but trips to the Valley during the work week are rough…and Chef @JLee said they sold out of yakitori tonight rather fast. I’m sure they were delish…his IG stories about prepping for tonight looked amazing. Be still my heart…chicken livers and hearts!


How are your fingers doin’ @JLee? Skewering yakitori is a pain in the a… fingers. Looking forward to yakitori closer to PRD!

The location is a problem for us being from Pasadena—however we were on our way back for morro bay and took a detour and arrived before 5 on a thai taco Tuesday so it turned out great. On our day there were may 20 or so people waiting in line by the time it opened at 5. They only let 3 pple in at a time to order. So once you pay you go get a table in the alley. The process unfortunately can take a long time esp if the parties ahead don’t know what they want and spend a lot of time looking for wine. Expect a longish wait if you don’t get there at 5.

I think if he can put the menu on line and even have pple pay for it online it’ll expedite things but not sure how it would work with the wine, which were a great deal and selection.


its on my way home, will definitely do take out in the next few weeks and report back.
very intriguing to see aged fish from the Joint featured at Anajak



That sounds like an idea.


the skewering wasnt a strain on my fingers but the heat was definitely something that was tough on my fingertips.

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I always manage to poke myself, especially when trying to double-skewer yagen soft cartilage.
You have any leads on sourcing for chochin, underdeveloped eggs? I see them from Yakitoriya and Torimatsu on Instagram from time to time, but imagine there is not enough demand for anybody to carry them reliably. Would love to see those on your menu. Or even as an off-menu item!

Photo from Google search.

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They may sell them at the Asian live poultry but it’s hit or miss. Mostly miss but every once in a while see it.

The problem with trying to get chochin reliably is that you have to slaughter egg laying hens, and if a hen is laying eggs why would you kill it?

Your best bet would be to go to a poultry farm and specifically buy a egg laying hen. When my mother use to slaughter live birds when I was a child there would sometimes be unhatched eggs inside the bird. The thing is each bird might only yield 3-4 eggs and they will vary in size, hence in the picture why each chochin skewer has 2 different sized egg yolks because inside the body they are being sequentially laid and will be gradually become bigger the closer they are along the egg laying “tube”.

I’ll be honest while I have never tried chochin skewers I never found the taste of the eggs anything special, they just end up tasting like… eggs? It’s definitely a novelty and not one that I am going to mess with unless they happen to land in my lap because its not worth the trouble.


I had never really thought about where they come from. But after your explanation, I am questioning whether or not it is worth it for the chochin.

Man, you are totally right. And after thinking about the cost of harvesting the chochin, it really doesn’t make sense. I might be guilty of liking this for its weirdness and decadence(?), and not its actual substance.

For anyone that hasn’t tried chochin. The yolk part tastes no different than a regular egg yolk. There is the thin snappy membrane around the outside and the connective tissue.

I am guessing I could recreate something very similar by just enjoying a soft-boiled egg yolk and some chicken innard yakitori.


I believe the anatomic term for chochin is the hen’s ovary and infundibulum (where fertilization of the egg occurs).

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can confirm


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I went with the name that I have seen marketed recently, even though, yes, it is not anatomically correct. I personally have no problem with calling them what they are, ovaries.

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I really don’t think it’s that bad from Pasadena, I live in Hastings ranch which is as far east as pasadena gets and it takes me about 35 minutes. Takes me almost as long to get to DTLA nowadays. Definitely takes me longer getting to any of the mid city/west LA eateries.

I’m also used to the drive - one of the courts I frequent is at the same exit. Even the worst monday morning traffic is 45 minutes


worth a listen


great listen, as are all the “in the weed” segments. didn’t know he was an disney imagineer and that this was thrusted on him by his dad’s stroke.