Anarbagh, Los Feliz: sloooow cooking, but really good

Went there last night, with Cam The Man and the WITH. Had the tandoori chick and saag paneer, and some naan.

First, the cons: we were there from 6:00 to after 7 yesterday PM; we were the ONLY dine-in party in the place. There was one to-go order picked up, and one delivery order which went out the door, while we were there. Having said this, it took a half hour+ between ordering and receiving our mains. The take-out order party complained, at length, about the delay of her order.

The pros: they must have cooked virtually everything from scratch, after long marination of the chick, because the only other tandoori I remember being this good was at Al Watan. Same with the naan, which was nearly perfect and NOT over-gheed. The saag paneer was rich (THAT’s where they put that missing ghee!) and tasty. Service was solicitous.