And Thus the Year 2018 Ends

Merry Christmas, “food talkers”. And a happy food year!

I hope local food conversation spots like this one survive.


Happy Holidays Dr C!

Let me know if you find a SD centric food talk site that is more active than this one. I still check CH but it’s pretty dead too.

I haven’t checked CH since the site revamp mass exodus, and the SD Food Facebook group is pretty terrible. Wish I knew of a better one

Gee. As a South OC resident I’ve been pretty jealous of how much San Diego talk there is here. Everything’s relative I guess.

Isn’t it ironic that people are contributing about how there isn’t enough contribution?

Yes. The silence here is deafening, ipse. Those who abandoned CH after its unfortunate re-design have now also abandoned its come-lately alternate. No hard feelings, but the split didn’t help, and Facebook is hardly the same thing.

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