Anepalco....Worth The Drive On The 5

There are 2 Anepalco’s, one by St Joseph’s Hospital and one by UCI Medical Center. I go to the one by UCI, it is attached to ALO Hotel. Not bad for hotel restaurant attached. My other favorite would be Siam Sunset in Thai Town Hollywood attached to a No-Tell.

So everyone comes here for one dish.

The Chilequiles!!! (Red Sauce/Rojo)

The chips are formed into a round, and topped with egg, guac, cream, and salsa.

The sauce is addicting and plate lickable. Could be me but they dial down the spice over the years. Still very tasty. I’ll have to ask if a runny yolk is possible.

The menu btw:


I love the chilaquiles here:

Their caritas torta is also a standout. I’ve been to both locations, and the chilaquiles are equally good in both locations.