Angler - Beverly Center

Aw, why you gotta make it all real like that???

Looks delicious, BTW.


The only way to score a seat is to request an invitation online at Skenes said he will “filter through it to some degree reasonably” to select the diners.

I guess that means filter out FTCers

Damn! $800 per person is too rich for my blood. But I’m going to live vicariously through the any FTCers who are willing to bite and share their experience.


$800 includes beverage pairing and a portion goes towards charities and supporting victims of the California fires.

I’m guessing if you’re at least a friend of the friend of the chef, you could possibly bring your own aged Grand Cru’s or that amazing unicorn Junmai Daiginjo from Wing Hop Fung’s ground floor cellar and pop them with no additional fees.

No thanks, I’m still stuffed after doing the Walter Manzke private Republique dinner and the Yu Bo + LQ alba truffle blowout back-to-back this last weekend.

Plus, if we’re going to the Chef’s house, the bar has already been set really high from my outstanding Casa Penuelas experience a few weeks back.



Doing the Republique table thursday and Yu Bo/LQ saturday. Looking forward to your reviews. The Yu Bo/LQ dinner looks like a ridiculous amount of food.

I’m curious what the difference will be for the Republique tasting menu, we usually let Chef Manzke go ham and do a tasting menu for us and it prices out to around the same.


I have seen your future. Prepare to hibernate.

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I asked for an invite for my wife’s birthday. Won’t bring aged burgundy or sake. Probably some birth year champagne tho ;p


i think i’m just gonna starve myself until thursday

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Smart move.

From his comments in the article, $800 is all in, there won’t be any corkage. People can bring what they want.

What the hell happened to skenes ranch?

Appears to still be accepting requests for invitations.

Use of the word ‘curmudegonly’… Is @kevin back?!

Anyone heard back in regards to Skenes place? Looks like he upped the price from 800 to 1000

@Hungrydrunk how was the wild boar?

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We enjoyed the Boar, it was tender and moist. I really enjoyed the slow cooked pineapple as well as the sauce it came with. Eating the boar lwith slices of pineapple was like a play on al pastor. We ordered a lot of food so we weren’t able to finish it. The QPR on the Boar is really good.
We ordered the caviar with banana pancakes, the ceviche, Parker rolls, Radicchio salad, Caesar salad, beets, 2 orders of the potato wedges, the Boar with all the fixings . We also asked for steamed rice (1 cup) and they made us some (cuz we Asian)
Overall a fantastic dinner with knowledgeable and thoughtful staff, excellent service. I plan on going here more often. There’s a few things I still want to try


Does anyone know if Angler accepts reservations for parties of 10, or if you need to book a private event? OpenTable only lets you reserve up to 8. I left a voicemail but haven’t heard back.