106 Seafood Underground (FTC Meetup): A Pictorial Essay

Chef Sergio Penuelas is a wizard who has reached mythical status with us FTCers. His legendary pescado zarandeado and magical preparations of Sinaloan-style frutas del mar have long enchanted the palates of his customers at Mariscos Chente, Coni’Seafood, and now in his own backyard at 106 Seafood Underground.

Even the quintessential L.A. food writer Jonathan Gold himself (RIP) has long proclaimed Chef Sergio’s genius. What better way to celebrate eating, L.A. style, than to visit Chef Sergio in 'da house! Let’s go!!!

Every minute or so, there is another opportunity for planespotting here!

The altar…

The Penuelas family has built a dedicated full backyard kitchen for Chef Sergio. His wife Maria recalls that before this setup was conceived, he would use the kitchen in their house to cook everything for those massive meals. She is very glad there is a separate kitchen in the backyard now.

The man himself, fully in charge and in his element…

An orgy of ceviches, aguachiles and damn fine house micheladas began our feast…

Ah! The showcase dish is presented! Pescado Zarandeado, from the one and only Chef Sergio Penuelas! Pacific róbalo (snook from Mazatlan, Sinaloa) is marinated with a traditional Nayarit combination of chipotle, mayo, lime and soy. The entire fish then grilled over mesquite. There is an ever-so-slight fragrant kick to the tender, moist and flaky flesh, with just the right amount of fat. This is served with a marvelous side of caramelized onions prepared in butter and shoyu, along with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Once we are done savoring the fish, the bones of the snook are also delectably crunchy, full of mesquite-infused flavor of the sea.

As if that weren’t enough, warm housemade corn tortillas are presented to enjoy the fish taquito-style. Throw in a Casa Penuelas michelada on the side, and the combination is just heaven… ¡Increíble!

Más, por favor - Another round of snook materializes… So awesome!

A showcase of shrimp, gigantic prawn (langostinos), and pulpo (octopus) ensued… If the news declares that farmed shrimp are now an endangered species, I will know that it was this FTC meetup which was the cause. :smiley:

As if all that weren’t enough, marlin tacos appear, to the further delight our group…

Tequila shots (thanks @TheCookie!) to toast another super meetup with our intrepid FTC crew… Some of my fellow diners came from overseas to join us! Wow!

As a token of our appreciation, Chef Sergio and Maria both received a FTC t-shirt. A splendid gourmet afternoon of dining and drinking in the backyard at Casa Penuelas was enjoyed by all. Mad props to @attran99 and @TheCookie for planning and logistics. It was truly wonderful to meet many of my fellow FTCers! Let’s break bread again soon!

(Yes, this really is the best place to park…)


106 Seafood Underground
Somewhere beneath final approach for LAX


Thanks, @J_L! Your photos are a second to none. It was such a fun evening with great folks. The food was mind-blowingly amazing! I still dream about that snook, the tacos, and the langoustines. I had never had ceviche with green apple before…and the aguachiles are the best I’ve ever had.
I’m going to start cooking my onions in shoyu and butter now.
Thanks to all for making it such a great experience!


Hi @J_L,

Great report and pics! :slight_smile: Sounds like a wonderful FTC meetup! I still dream of Chef Sergio’s Pescado Zarandeado at Mariscos Chente. I hope to visit his new digs soon.

Were the Prawns prepared in his Borrachos sauce? Either way it looks delightful. :slight_smile:


Revision: shrimp were borracho and garlic/pepper (al mojo de ajo y pimenton) styles. Both delicious.


We had prawns borracho-style and also camarones checos. It was a veritable cornucopia of Mexican seafood. Join us next time!


Jealous :expressionless:



Dayum. Well done FTCers! Epic and legendary!!!

I can see some crazy ass beverage pairings with this lot!

The photos and descriptions are far more effective that Pavlov ringing a bell… excuse me while I make a trip to my local taqueria (nowhere near as good as LA’s run of the mill) and sob in the corner…


Your so lucky. Love his food . I would kneel down in front of the alter of food . Mama Mia.


Wow! I was in town that weekend but missed the action. It all looks heavenly :heart_eyes: I’ve been lucky enough to eat his famed pescado zarandeado, ceviches, and cooked shrimp dishes before, but nothing like this massive spread! Hopefully I’ll make it to his backyard outpost soon. It’s so wonderful that many of you got to meet and enjoy such a fabulous meal together!


en Nueva York no hay nada remotamente comparable… NADA!!! :sob:


Damn now that is a spread!!

Couldn’t make it but I like to think I was there in spirit.

I really need to get my ass over there


I think we could manage to scrounge a group together just in your honor, @beefnoguy.


That looked great! Making me jealous…and hungry.
You took a photo of a four-engine plane, too - not too many of those (comparatively) ferrying passengers anymore.


Can I also add that for 18 people and 4 kids, the grand total per person before micheladas/beer and tip was about $40?
Chef and his wife have a generous BYOB(ottles) policy so there were wines courtesy of @random, @Nemroz and @ebethsdad. We had sake…and of course, tequila.
I’d have willingly paid double and triple for that experience.


Considering that is around $15 for “shrimp” at Sizzler, that is quite the deal!


I love this report!


What? Don’t let it happen again! :blush:


I know. He got the secret ingredient everyone’s been contemplating and scratching their heads over for years.

I :heart: that ceviche with the green apples.


Wonderful! Thanks for this @J_L!!!


Please join us next time you come down!