Best combo high end outdoor dining and amazing food

I was wondering what people picks were for the best combination of high end outdoor dining and amazing food, anywhere from downtown to Santa Monica.

Nothing is coming to mind for me, but I’m not aware of all the outdoor setups that have been put in place since Covid. I’ve actually only dined out once in Los Angeles during the entire pandemic and that was outdoors at the Polo Lounge. The service was stellar, the setting was charming, but where it all went to hell was with the food.

So is there a place like outdoors at the Polo Lounge, but with good food?

Not at all familiar w/ The Polo Lounge setup so not sure how my suggestions may compare…

Does Citrin still offer outdoor dining? I took a peek at the outdoor setup when I picked up food awhile back, and the setting looked very nice (and people were dressed up).

We very much enjoyed our meal at Fia, although the tables were a bit closer than I personally liked. The food is not amazing but seemed very solid.

We also liked Bacari in Silverlake. The outdoor setup is more like a largely covered, gigantic outdoor patio w/ multiple levels (somewhat similar to Fia in that sense, although Fia is largely uncovered). Food was quite good.

With the latter two, the outdoor setup is a permanent thing, so the settings were really nice for an upscale meal (IMHO).


One of the best patios around LA that has been set up during the pandemic is at Angelini Osteria. They took over the whole garden space next to Alimentari and added tables and chairs. I thought it was a pretty great atmosphere.

Many other nice restaurants have set up spaces (eg republique), but they’re not all that nice.

I like Cha Cha Cha’s food and drinks on the roof too.

May be farther than you want but Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas/Malibu has a great outdoor dining area and excellent food, especially if you’re partial to game.

Redbird has a nice outdoor space.

Cara Hotel Restaurant is maybe the prettiest outdoor restaurant in LA but their food is good, not amazing.

Sergio’s own backyard:

106 Seafood Underground


Higher end: Sal and his crew are still dishing out great food and hospitality at Ristorante Marino - The former tree-canopied valet parking lot has been converted to a superb outdoor venue.


Redbird’s lovely.

I guess Nic’s, which is in the old Terrine / The Ponte space on Beverly, is not high-end.

The only outdoor seating I saw at Angelini in August was on the sidewalk. Is there additional seating in a garden somewhere?

Yes. Around the side of the patio, next to the entrance to Alimentari, there is a whole side area in the garden with a lot of tables set up. Or at least, there were a few months ago.

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Does the mozzaplex not count? Did they shut down their little back patio?

Mozza’s “piazza” is the nicest parking-lot dining room conversion I’ve seen, but it has a ways to go to match the Polo Lounge.

How’s Michael’s these days?

Warrior: I guess Pasjoli might be your best bet. I wouldn’t call it amazing, but it did get a Michelin star. The patio wasn’t too memorable. Kali has a nicer patio and a Michelin star, but it’s not one of my favorites. I do like many of the restaurants listed above, but it’s a stretch to say they’re amazing. The nicest patio we’ve eaten at post-Covid (or maybe tied with the Redbird garden) is Alta Adams. Again, I wouldn’t call the food amazing, but it is a good experience. Oh, and I should mention Rossoblu. Again, I doubt anyone will say it is amazing, but it has a top-notch patio that is really spaced out if you are concerned about Covid.

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I would do Mozza, but I believe the outside dining is now only for the Pizzeria, not the Osteria and while I like the Pizzeria, I was really looking for a more “luxe” menu and experience. I love Chi Spacca, but I think they just have two lone tables out on Melrose and my dining companion doesn’t want to go there because of the set up.

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Looking at the picture of the Polo Lounge is making me want to go back there, food be damned! Maybe we just ordered wrong, but we ordered a bunch of things. It was such a nice setting and the service was so good, in that old school kind of way. It seems that in L.A., especially for outdoor dining, one must choose between setting and food.

Chef Tetsu Yahagi (ex-CDC at Spago) is temping at Wolfgang’s other place at Hotel Bel Air, so that may be another good bet for you. Sitting by the fireplace on the Hotel Bel Air patio, whiling away the evening with a glass of cognac is a delightful way to spend a few hours.

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The Polo Lounge is a hotel restaurant, don’t get your hopes up.

When I ate outside at Pajoli in August it was one of those parking-space structures. Looking on Google Maps I don’t see any other outdoor space.

How about Phenakite?


I second Robert’s point --the Polo Lounge is hotel food, solid on many things, decent salads at lunch, basic high end breakfast, but nothing hugely creative. I’ve had a ton of breakfast and lunch meetings there (never my choice), it is a beautiful spot, but the food has never been the main attraction.

Pasjoli has a nice back patio as well; however, I am not sure if they have reopened it for dining yet so best to check with the restaurant.

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I went to Pasjoli for dinner tonight and asked–the back patio is currently just being used for private parties. The front parklet is pleasant, though. The structure Spago created outside on Canon might be the nicest of the pandemic inspired constructs, airy but not open air. For open air, Citrin might suit the bill.