Angler - Beverly Center

Angler SF can afford a bigger staff thanks to the higher-margin items. The wine prices are, well, they must get a lot of customers with plenty of money. E.g. for Austrian Grüner Veltliner, they’ve got one that’s $66 and the other 14 are $125 to $250.

The vegetables are definitely a better value than most of the rest of the menu.

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they actually first started with Flannery dry aged Jorge cut when Angler LA first opened. THen within a month they switched to what I would assume is cheaper American Wagyu as the Jorge Cut is a very expensive piece of meat


Went this weekend, prior to going I was told by a friend that works at Saison Hospitality that they moved the heavy hitter contents of the LA cellar up north and to bring my own wine. Perused the list and yeah, it was pretty basic.

Restaurant was pretty full and I don’t think I saw anyone drinking wine, which is pretty rare nowadays. Lots of cocktails though

Dinner from Wednesday. Everything was really solid. Nothing really wowed me though except for the Ssam. Service was great, but you could tell most of the servers were relatively new and didn’t come off as experienced as Angler 1.0. That being said, I would come back 100%.


how much tax did they charge you?

Are those wings at the bottom, or some type of heavily prepared salmon collar?

hot fried collars

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10.25%. The GM told us “we had to triple check since others asked about it the last couple weeks” haha.
He claims they are one building away from being technically in LA rather than Weho :thinking:

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but their address shows 9.5% :face_with_monocle:

do we have a tax lawyer in da house?

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that doesn’t even make sense. weho is 10.25 and la is 9.5. if he’s claiming he’s in la than it should be 9.5.

My mistake, I meant technically in Weho!

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Beverly Center is in LA. They get building permits from City of LA.

I wonder how you can prove that to them, We showed him CA.GOV page @PorkyBelly posted, however he insisted and we didn’t feel like escalating it to the next level. Besides, I doubt they are pocketing that extra 0.75% and intentionally misleading customers. Still, it’s a bit strange and I wonder where that extra $ is going.

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Sales tax typically goes to a Franchise Tax Board escrow account.

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Loved my meal here Saturday. Hot collars, seaweed rice, cockles were the highlights. I think the cheese bread was pretty awful with a gross split glob in the middle and I would’ve preferred it to just be bread with that anchovy butter!

But solid cocktails, great service. Was half full on a Saturday night which worries me


im hearing such mixed things on this I actually am curious to try it.

seems like Mei Lin LOVES this place even after changing owners and a ton of Top Chef people went here to eat recently (though does not appear they loved it as much as one of them loved Melisse)

I mean, that’s fair. A party of three of us with 2 drinks each and 8 dishes came out to less than the cost of one person at Melisse hahaha

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It’s worth trying. I think it’s well priced and good quality. They really want it to succeed and are doing their best to keep it well priced and affordable. The dishes are fun.

Disclaimer: we sell astrea caviar to the saison hospitality group but not this angler location.

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and there it is