Angler - Beverly Center

Sad but unsurprising.

I was told there was a service recently that just 1 guest showed

Was there this past Saturday and only about 4 tables including ours during prime time.


Sad for the folks there, I think the ground floor of the Beverly Center is cursed for restaurants. They must get a break on rent, but seems like it can’t overcome the unique weirdness of the location. Also I’m sure retail foot traffic hasn’t recovered to pre-COVID levels and Beverly Center never seemed like it had a ton, especially given the location. Century City is consistently busy from what I’ve seen.


is it closed forever?? or can we still go before it’s closed? I never tried their new menu

Last night was the l last service

Bummer. They were so damn good when they were on top of their game. It’s gotta be the location. Nobody wants to have a nice dinner in the valet circle of a mall. Hell, it’s not even one of the better malls… They likely would have done so much better had they been in a different location.


Fucking blows. I thought the new menu was fun as shit and delicious for a GREAT price. We were one of 3 tables sat on a Saturday at 7 though….


Place is like a Black Hole / Death Star in the middle of the city.

Cedars - or someone - should buy it (they probably already own it) and make the world’s largest elder care, skilled-nursing, rehab, recovery facility. That’s what this city is going to need to care for the tsunami of dementia, disability etc. Maybe mix in a few floors for the unhoused and viola - a cure-all for our next two decades of problems.

Too bad, 'cause I like AB Steak, HH Brazilian but can’t them making it.


I thought Cedars was only interested in building more ICU and surgical units…

Back to the topic… :slight_smile:


Nothing could sound more depressing/less shop motivating for the Beverly Center then the bottom being a place for elderly care

Depressing…or sure.
But not the just bottom…the whole thing!
Even more depressing.


I hope they realize that Angler #1 wasn’t the problem and bring that back in some nice setting that befits one of the best restaurants in LA.


Angler… is not one of the best restaurants in LA though? the quality went wayyyy down

That’s quite sad I enjoyed the many iterations of angler.

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I’m sure the active oil drilling site tucked right next to the Beverly Center may deter people from wanting to build an elder care center.

Angler V2.0 but with Pizza?


‘The menu essentially sounds like Bear Grylls and Marcella Hazan had a kitchen love child.’ :laughing:


Congrats on breaking the news @matthewkang!


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