Anthony's La Mesa Liquidating Liquor Inventory

Anthony’s La Mes is having a beer, wine and liquor sale starting tomorrow May 6th through Saturday May 9th.

Cash only, you can bring your own bags. Prices are allegedly below BevMo. Wine is in the $9-13 range, 1 liter liquors are in the $10 range. No prices were given for the beers

Minimum purchases:
Wine - 6 bottles
Beer - some is by the case, others by the 6 pk
LIquor - no minimum purchase

They will be enforcing social distancing and requiring face masks.

This sounds like an un-good precursor to what’s coming, I’m afraid.

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You would surmise correctly.

The bottom of the flyer I saw said they would be closing on May 9th (i.e. not doing pick up or delivery any more) and they’d have to take a wait and see as to whether Anthony’s La Mesa would reopen in the future.

Whether you liked Anthony’s or not, this is a sad day for San Diego. Anthony’s was such an iconic restaurant for anyone who grew up here in the 50s, 60s and 70s. And since we lived in (what was then considered) the East County, the La Mesa branch was our go-to restaurant. I remember so many meals there.

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Yeah. The end.

I hope this doesn’t prove to be an Armageddon of our own making.

You can follow along here and see what’s closing. Eater SD has a running list of restuarnat closures.

My gawd. Where am I now going to go to get my liver and onions fix, accompanied by world champion size baked potatoes, chives, butter, and cream cheese. Plus a salad. For $10?

Troy’s? The old institutions are falling like dominos.

This list makes for a sad read, but it’s like a cold-water splash in the face.

Doc…it said Troy’s Clairmont, it said nothing about their Allied Gardens location in the shopping center on Mission Gorge between Friars and Zion, across the road from Kaiser Zion. That location is always pretty busy. They may have had to choose which one to keep open and chose the busier one. Don’t know for sure, speculation on my part.

Yeah. But the Troy’s in CM is the one I used to go to. Very 50’ish. Great liver & onions.

I’d be willing to drive out to the one near Zion if that one stays open.