Any breakfast spots outdoors?

throwing a small get together for a friend celebrating a milestone. Would like outdoor restaurant. All I could think of was Rose Cafe in Venice, which is fine, but wondering what y’all know.


If you don’t mind going to Canon Dr. in Beverly Hills, there are a number of expanded patio options. Porta Via does a very nice breakfast, and I think Wally’s may be open for breakfast.

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All the restaurants along Montana Avenue in Santa Monica are open outdoors, many breakfast options. Courtyard Cafe is great, there’s also Margo’s, Art’s Table, and more.

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I’m a fan of Manuela’s weekend brunch. They already had a lovely outdoor patio.

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Thank you. Great suggestions. Keep them coming. What about more downhome places? where i can get chicken and waffles? or just pancakes and sausage,

Not down home breakfast, but I had an excellent breakfast at Superba on Lincoln and they have a pretty nice and expansive outdoor dining situation.

Painters Tape >>>>Redondo/Manhattan

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Snug Harbor’s patio is open if you’re looking for an unfancy diner.

No idea if saddle peak lodge is open, but if it is there is no finer setting (and the food and drinks are great too)

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