Any Dim Sum Places Open for In-Room Dining

I can feel the thaw as more places open up. Any good dim sum places now seating people inside? Even at 25% capacity, I’ll take it.

NBC and Lunasia.

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If you are going to the OC J Zhou is open with indoor dining at ~50%.

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Five Star at Focus Plaza

Sea Harbour although the quality isn’t up to their pre-pandemic standard.

I have faith they’ll get there once capacity restrictions are lifted.

Thanks for the recs! Ended up at NBC Seafood, which was quite good. It had all the hustle and bustle of the old days. Seemed well over 50% capacity but at this point I’m cool with that. Tomorrow we’re going dim summing again, like the old days.

Hope Sea Harbor returns to form by early May. I’ll be in LA for the first time since Xmas 2019. It’s the longest I’ve been away from my adopted hometown. I remember being so excited about Chef Tony in the Pasadena thread back in 2018/19 and it came and went before I could visit. I avoid dim sum in my area but broke down once this past year and had a very mediocre meal. Can’t wait to get to Sea Harbor!

Did/does Sea Harbor put their covered patio to use for outdoor dining?

Can’t recall if @chandavkl was the only person who posted a brief review, but my impression is that, fortunately or unfortunately, you didn’t miss much.

Yes. Visually and concept wise, Chef Tony was better than anything currently in the SGV. Taste wise, no better than sibling Sea Harbour.


China Red in Arcadia

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I’ve been here twice in the last few weeks and the quality is excellent.

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Can any of these To-go dim sum?

Yep! Most Dim Sum places now will do to go orders… even classics like 888 are doing online orders now…


Lunasia even has an app.


When you dine in, Lunasia has the customer order everything online and then they bring the food to your table. They hand you a QR code to scan and it launches their ordering system.

Not sure why, as you still have to ask the servers for your check and still pay in the restaurant as opposed to checking out online.

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if you’re going to do takeout, lucky1 has pretty good QPR - but it’s still about $4 an order with tax just for the basic stuff; dim sum prices went up significantly during the pandemic.

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Went to Sea Harbour for a Friday lunch over a week ago.

There’s definitely outdoor seating under a covered patio, but we opted to dine inside due to the size of our group (6 ppl). We were given a private room.

Was able to order most of the dishes recommended by FTCers including the infamous fried chicken knee cartilage :heart: but was disappointed in not being able to get the French style bbq pork buns (none of the tables seated before us had them so maybe it wasn’t offered that day?).

Ended up being $36 pp including tax and 20% tip so not cheap, but still very much worth it — I paid $40 at Palms/Culver Cuty’s Iron Teapot Dim Sum in comparison for less food a few weeks back.

Sorry for the poor quality of pics - being event organizer, Westside car pool driver and shutterbug was too many hats :tophat: for me.

Definitely in my top 2 for dim sum (the other being Lunasia). If King Hua were still around I’d rate it in my top 3 b/c of the squab :cry: I still have to try NBC seafood in MP for an old fashioned food cart experience.

So happy I finally made it to SH and that they survived Covid and the labor shortage. Can’t wait to go back.

PS: Not pictured are the “Pan Grilled Pork and Pandan Buns” — this was such a huge hit, one of my guests ordered some to go for her family. The light green colored bun pleasantly tasted of pandan.