Any good Chicken Pho places?


Anyone have some recs for great Chicken Pho (Pho Ga)? Can be anywhere in LA/OC, from Little Saigon to the SGV, to Santa Monica (if that really existed - I wish! LOL), etc.

TIA! :smile:

My favorite Pho Thanh Lich moved then closed down. Damn shame.

After that, it was Pho Kimmy but looks that they moved too.

Did a quick Yelp search and these looked promising:

Love looking forward to your pho ga report! :smile:

HP is my go to place. Love their Buns, Banh Cuon and Hai Nam Chicken.

Been to Hai Phong once. Although the chicken dishes were good, it was a more staid experience due to its limited menu. On the bright side, Corner Beef Noodle House (Taiwanese) is less than 10 minutes away with its chicken rolls.

i posted on pho hai phong in el monte about a month ago. you can find with a search on pho ga.

the 2 Pho Ga Bac Ninh are the standard in WSGV, but recently I’ve been hitting up Pho Ngoon just to support the EDM-loving millenials.

They are the future, after all.

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What is EDM??

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Thanks all! Will have to try some of these places out when I’m in the area.

Electronic Dance Music

Pho Ga Bac Ninh in Rosemead. They make their dishes with free range chickens, so the flavor is noticeably different.

Nearly all pho ga joints tout the use of Vikon (Ly Thuong Kiet does, Bac Ninh does, etc.). I believe this is non-issue for the 'hood.

Anyone been to pho da kao for their pho ga? seems really popular there…

Here you go @Ns1.

The special with chicken heart, liver, and gizzard.

Broth is nice. Noodles wider and a bit softer than what I prefer

Protein is a bit on the small side. Good but not great.

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thanks for the report!

Would you go back?

I forgot that I’ve been before (took a couple of times to find it the first time) and wrote it off after going to Pho Thanh Lich.

With the latter gone I’d probably try some of the others listed above first before going back again.

is that pic on yelp?

No. The pictures I post are taken by myself. This was lunch today.

I would copy and paste a link to yelp or some article to give the proper credit.

It’s been a few years, but I went to Pho Dakao based on recs from my colleagues, the OC Forkers :slight_smile: It was the best pho ga I’d ever had. My dining companion remarked: “It tastes like fresh squeezed chicken.” :slight_smile: It was ridiculously clean, fresh and pure tasting. In the years since, the same Forkers told me Quang Trung was the place for pho ga and gave a dreaded “downhill alert” for Pho Dakao. I went to Quang Trung. I enjoyed it, it was quite good, but to me, it wasn’t quite up to my visit to Pho Dakao.

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Saigon Dish in Lawndale does a vegetarian Pho.

Haven’t been to Dakao but the pho ga at Quang Trung is still one of the best bowls of pho (chicken, beef, or other) I’ve ever had.
(phở gà, w/liver, gizzard, skin, side of heart)


Hi @theoffalo,

Thanks! I’ll have to try it. In your pic for Quang Trung, besides Chicken, what’s the dark slices? Offal / liver? Thanks.