Any good sushi in Koreatown?

I’m aware there’s a lot of decent to good sushi in downtown - not counting Zo and Q, there’s Sushi Go 55 (which I’ve eaten at several times), Sushi Gen (which has absurdly long lines), Sushi Hama & Sushi Komasa (which look unimpressive). Beyond all that, parking in downtown is a pain.

If my best option is Sugarfish on La Brea, I’ll go for it, but I’m wondering if there’s anything that’s off the radar in KTown.

Noshi Sushi in Koreatown is great QPR. Cash only.

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sugarfish is inedible, and a great disservice to both the fishermen, and the dead fishes.

happy thanksgiving.


Thanks, should have specified that I’m already aware of Noshi Sushi. I do like their prices and some of the fish is even “good”, but it really is comparable to Sugarfish in price if you go for a more “traditional” experience (mostly nigiri, off the specials board). At that price point I’d rather go for the more pedestrian but noticeable higher quality fish at Sugarfish. The one advantage Noshi has is the very low markup on very decent sakes - but unfortunately won’t be drinking.

It’s certainly a great spot for a chirashi or maki-heavy meal, though.

It may not be your style, but I wouldn’t call it inedible :unamused:

Certainly I don’t go there for the conversation with the chefs!

I agree about Noshi. Even though “sushi” is in the restaurant name, I never order sushi there (ok—sometimes some salmon or tuna—but it is what it is).

It’s really close to me, so I do pop in from time to time. I think their cooked dishes are fine—I’ve had surprisingly decent tempura there (somebody had a deft hand on both the coating and frying technique) and last time I was in, of all things—the miso soup was really, really good. Also, the baked crab rolls are pretty tasty for that sort of thing. For me, it’s an old-school mom-n-pop Japanese comfort food place that happens to be in my hood and has affordable prices and easy parking.

I think the KT consensus seems to be that only good sushi place in the vicinity is the place Kevin frequents on Beverly—Shibucho. You can read his esoteric ramble here:

My recollection from the Goldster’s book is that there are, or were, a bunch of sushi places in K’town, with high quality fish, but styling their food towards a primarily Korean clientele, i.e., more inclined to drop a piece of garlic, or a jalapeno, into a garnish than would ever be acceptable in a traditional Japanese place… anyone with new info?

It might not be exactly what you are looking for (and it’s been forever since I’ve been), but I used to enjoy A-Won for their sashimi bowls and hwe dup bap quite a bit. I recall that there also used to be a place on Western in the same mini-mall as Pho 2000, but I don’t think it is there any longer. They would serve these huge platters of sashimi that was a bit daunting. Not sure what ever happened to them.

Well its inedible if you consider the fact they source their fish from a Korean cult leader and basically are destroying the ocean with the trawling net methods.

Oddly enough, that doesn’t impact the way my brain interprets taste. Strange, that.

I’d be interested on a source on their fish sourcing, though.

And I wouldnt expect it to but Sugarfish sources from True World Foods which helps funds Sun Myung Moon’s cultist unification church. I know its unavoidable because they supply over 9000 sushi restaurants but for me I’d rather not support restaurants that source from them. But enough off topic-ness this is a personal belief and I don’t want to force it on anyone just thought people should know where their seafood is coming from.


God help me, I’m probably going to eat at the La Brea Sugarfish today. If you want to stop this please recommend a better place (open for lunch on Monday) closer to Koreatown than that Sugarfish.

If you’re willing to trek to West Hollywood, Nori on Santa Monica is far superior for roughly the same price, despite looking very American (see my report on ftc). Sushi go 55 in downtown is also pretty good, and is the one place there where parking isn’t too much trouble.

Yeah, I was just looking around for info on Sushi go 55. Any intel on what their lunch situation is? Do they have a decent nigiri combo?

I can’t recall, only ever having eaten omakase there (which runs about $4 per piece of sushi on average, but that was including Toro and abalone). I know they have a decent looking sashimi platter and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a nigiri combination.

If possible I reiterate my recommendation for Nori - they have far better fish, knife work, and are much cheaper (16-20 piece omakase is $40-50, ask for head chef Eric).

Okay, you make a good case.

Let us know how it goes, regardless of what you decide - there isn’t nearly enough sushi discussion on this board for my tastes :slightly_smiling:

Monday for sushi in L.A. is no bueno. Try tacos or pizza instead.

I’m sure even the decent places open on Mondays will be few tiers above the “best” in Minnesota…

Monday lunch for sushi.

@MyAnnoyingOpinions: Q Sushi is open for lunch, today. I don’t know if you wanna ball so hard on Monday after NYE, but if that dude tore through 3 bottles of champer on NYE…

Also, I absolutely don’t fux with Sugarfish. You might as well be eating Aldi sushi.