Any Great Restaurants from Ventura through Thousand Oaks?


Might have a business trip up to Ventura next month.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a great restaurant for dinner in Ventura through, say, Thousand Oaks (along the 101)?


Not necessarily along the 101, but maybe Saddle Peak Lodge?

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I’ve heard great things about Aroha New Zealand Cuisine, which is in Westlake Village - just adjacent to Thousand Oaks. I’ve been trying to get my family to eat there on a Sunday afternoon, but it hasn’t worked out schedule-wise. Has anyone tried this place?
Here’s a link to their menu:!dinner-menu/ct8

There’s also a outpost of Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village, but I haven’t gone there due to 21 cases of Salmonella poisoning, which culminated in a lawsuit.

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Not quite Thousand Oaks and not great but really good is Brent’s in Westlake Village.

BBQ cod and black pastrami reuben :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks @ipsedixit. Darn! I always forget about SPL.

It’s a touch out of the way. How large are the portions?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Very similar to places like Animal, chi SPACCA, or CUT.

How best to describe? Hmm, maybe “appropriately portion-sized for a haute chophouse specializing in game and an ever growing slant towards seasonal produce”?

Thanks @ipsedixit. To clarify, I guess for their Main Entrees, like the Pork Chop, Elk Tenderloin, etc., are these like Chi Spacca-sized “Order 1 Meat Dish for 2 People Because It Is Monstrous Portions” and just order a few Appetizers + Dessert?

Or are those Main Entrees really 1 per person (which is OK). I don’t each huge chophouse steaks that much anymore, so I just want to get a feel for this.


Thanks @MaladyNelson @A5KOBE. Will keep it in mind. Like Malady, I read about that Salmonella poisoning lawsuit at Brent’s so I’ve been avoiding trying that location for a while now, LOL.

But the original Brent’s I liked for their black pastrami reuben. :slightly_smiling:

Herzog Winery maybe? Not off the 101 (in Oxnard) but people I “used to know” went there all the time and liked it.

No, it’s one entree per person.

  1. Szechuan place @ Newbury Park, SGV quality Szechuan food & I’m not kidding
  2. Kanda Sushi @ Thousand Oaks
  3. Tifa’s Gelato @ Westlake Village
  4. Mastro’s

Fisherman’s House (Oxnard) - Fresh seafood tanks where you pick the fish, and they’ll prepare it 3 different ways…sashimi, cooked, and soup. Do go for the spot prawns sashimi-style and make them fry the heads.
There’s also a lovely Brazilan restaurant serving a stew (not feijioda) not too far from Fisherman’s House. Service is fantastic, and the food is delightful.
If in a rush, Topper’s Pizza (Oxnard) is pretty tasty, too.

Yes, surprisingly the Chinese food in the area is many times better than the San Fernando Valley, so long as you order off of the Chinese menu. I guess you have to keep the Amgen people happy.

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I was very impressed with Lure Fish House in Ventura. It’s a modern take on an old-school seafood restaurant, better than any I know of in the SF area. Small chain, that was the third branch and now they have four.

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Agree with Saddle Peak Lodge.

There’s also a Mastro’s in TO.

Might be worth a detour further north from the 101 to Sushi Tanaka in Simi Valley.

Call a few days in advance if you plan to go and ask for the $100+menu. Kinda destination worthy if you are in that part of greater LA. See Bikkembergs ’ report on Chowhound

Another big yes for Saddle Peak Lodge. Game Meat Tasting


Thanks all for the additional suggestions! I’ve bookmarked them.

oh ya, we’ve enjoyed Lure also. good reminder… we’re close now

i’ll be providing my findings of the area north and west of Thousand Oaks …

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Check out sushi Tanaka in simi if you have a chance!