Any information about Sri Siam?

It has been closed for a few weeks. It has been one of my two delivery mainstays (Lusy’s is the other) during the pandemic. The last health inspection rating was 93, so by process of elimnation that leaves me concerned about the chef’s health.

Any information would be appreciated. TIA.

oh oh. i tried to get my girl to get takeout just yesterday… that’s our spot!

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I don’t have any official info, but the website today seems to allow orders to be placed (my experience during the pandemic is that, if a resturant is closed, the website ordering system usually will not allow an order to proceed or will give an order time for another day).

Where you trying to order on-line or by phone?

Just got delivery from them a week ago on the 22nd. Crispy rice salad was as good as always.

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Always by phone - I never even looked online because I have a printed menu. My computer is usually off when I am ordering delivered meals.

Thanks; I will give online ordering a try.

My favorite dish is the miang pla too.

the takeout girl brings from there is so great… pricy though! 4 dishes were over 85 yesterday… but whatever… worth it… also paying the day after tax :slight_smile:

I am a Sri Siam fan. It has been one of my mainstay delivery options during the pandemic because I live so close.

My initial post was due to my stupid carelessness. I called on 3 consecutive Wednesdays, the only day they’re closed. Mea culpa.


Eh, no harm done. Wed is a rather random day for a restaurant to be closed, so it’s helpful information.

`not finding on their menu or ordering page… i’ll have to call

The miang pla too is listed in the “Chef Specials” section of the online menu. I like mackerel, so I always choose this over the crispy rice salad which it resembles.

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I assume this is the place?