Any new interesting places in Huntington Beach or Little Saigon Area or general OC area?

Going down there this weekend and see that Smoke Queen looks like a great option for BBQ. Any new or underrated Viet places or Asian spots in general in the OC area? Saw the Banh Khot Lady and other newer spots as well. Want to to do a get together dinner with family.

For newish spots I got pho Lu, thien an bo 7, phoholic, pho akaushi, sen, mama hieus on my list.

@attran99 mentioned garlic and chives and oc and lau which are both great for families and groups but neither of them take reservations. Also check out original Newport tang cang make sure not to go to the knockoff one.


Banh Khot lady def worth the visit but beware very little seating also you might wanna order ahead if you dont wanna wait


Nok’s Kitchen is delicious! Love their house made sausage and the pandan mango sticky rice is amazing.


The wait for Smoke Queen is about 90 mins so be prepared. Grab a coffee at Phin Smith down the street. You can also go to the Korean side and hit up Mo Ran Gak.


Thanks for the recommendations. My family used to go to Seafood Cove as we all had memories doing family get together there years ago as their kung pao chicken was the best. Seafood Cove is not great anymore nowadays sadly… Last time I went to Garlic and Chives, I felt their quality and service really went downhill. Some places were not as good as they used to be.

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The LS thread has the best intel for Little Saigon eats.

Banh Khot lady egg rolls are okay…I’d skip them. But the banh khot are delicious.

Trieu Chau (the location in the same plaza as Newport Tang Cang) is always a solid choice.

Hu Tieu Thanh Xuan has amazing dry and chewy noodles with a side of crushed tomato sauce and broth that I adore.


Either of the Brodard restaurants, Garden Grove or Fountain Valley, are definitely worth a visit. The GG one regularly makes the LA Times’ 101 Best Restaurants list. They are very family oriented and extremely reasonably priced.

Chateau is pretty much Brodard, but with table service in a nicer looking location. I’d rather save myself the increase due to overhead and go to Fountain Valley.


I’ve been to both places but Brodard Chateau in Garden Grove is a bit nicer as it has several smaller rooms instead of the one big one in Fountain Valley. I haven’t compared prices but they seem about the same if not identical. Fountain Valley also has a few more dishes. I’m not sure what you are talking about with “table service” but both places one is served by a wait-person. Both places have a full bar.

Only thing I get at Brodards at either one is nem nuong same price so it always works for me!