Any recipe ideas for fresh Porcini and Chanterelles?

After a great Thanksgiving of eating , drinking , and foraging for mushrooms . I ended up taking home 3 pounds of Porcini , and 2 pounds of Chanterelles . First idea to come to mind is make a mushroom lasagna with thin homemade noodles . Any ideas , or recipes of what to make with them would be great . Thanks

Best fresh porcini dish I have ever had was in Rome. Just grilled with salt, pepper, and olive oil. We ate a couple of plates a day until we left.


Saute them in olive oil with lots of garlic, a little salt and pepper, fresh thyme and a splash of white wine.

Serve over a bed of rice, or some pasta.

Looks like what we had this weekend . I really think that’s the best way to enjoy them . Great pic . But for something completely different ?

I guess you could make risotto with them or slice thinly on a mandolin and dress with salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil and shave some aged parmigiano reggiano over it but why? Like a beautiful piece of aged steak simple is best. Any sauces or anything else would be taking away from the product.

I completely agree . I have had it grilled , and sautéed in olive oil multiple times . Simply the best . But I guess I’m bored and looking for something a little different . Where the mushroom is still the star of the show .

Eat it raw. Tossed with a simple vinaigrette and garnished with some chopped walnuts.

Gnocchi with sautéed porcini/chanterelle and beurre noisette.

I always believed it was a no no to eat raw mushrooms that are foraged . ??

Fresh porcini are best raw if they’re really fresh. Otherwise grilled or broiled.

Chanterelles, I often make a duxelles and use that as pasta sauce or whatever.

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Didn’t realize your 'shrooms were foraged, and wild.

But that said, it’s more a digestion issue, than a medical one.

I have a stomach forged from diamond cut guillotines, so I’m ok.

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To my knowledge porcini are always wild. The Italians don’t worry about it.

Honestly, me thinks the issue with eating wild and foraged 'shrooms is one of identification.

Some 'shrooms are indeed toxic, and shouldn’t be eaten raw, or at all for that matter. And many foragers, mostly amateurs, can’t really decipher a safe fungus from a poisonous one, especially in the wild.

But if a person like the OP is sure about the type of mushrooms he or she has, I don’t really think eating them raw presents a serious health or medical issue.

The people I forage with have 30 yrs. experience . They forage porcini and chanterelles around their property . Stick with what you know . Be safe . With the occasional Matsutake found there is a dangerous look alike . I’m a 59 year old male in case you are wondering .Well I have some in the fridge and am going to try some raw porcini sliced thin with olive oil and salt .

There are no poisonous chanterelle lookalikes.

That’s not true for porcini. Boletus Huronensis - North American Mycological Association

Thanks for all your replies . I never new how awesome porcini and mussels go together . A little fennel bulb , pancetta , leek. I’m making soup with the rest . Otherwise I enjoyed them sautéed in olive oil with a little salt .

sounds yummy. I love mushroom soup of all types. This time of year mushroom/barley is nice and hearty (if you like barley)

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